Pretend Ring Girl

Author: Cassi Hart
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 63

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Pretend Ring Girl


All she’s ever wanted was to open her own restaurant, but her dream comes at a cost as Ella stretches herself thin between a demanding job and night classes. Desperate for some time to prepare for an upcoming exam and unable to take a day off, Ella begs her twin sister to trade places with her. Unfortunately, that means Ella has to take her sister’s place as a ring girl that night at a prestigious boxing club. When her twin is accused of a crime, Ella does whatever she can to convince her sister’s intimidating boss to give her twin another chance. But can she save her sister without losing her heart in the process?



Vic prides himself on being a reasonable man, but he won’t forgive someone who thinks they can take advantage of him. Been there, done that. But when the alluring Ella begs him not to come after her sister for stealing from him, Vic is torn. That is, until the opportunity to get closer to Ella and away from his manipulative ex presents itself. The only problem is that Vic isn’t sure one night with Ella will be enough to satisfy him.