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“Harder, Calum.”

He fucks me, then. Hard. His every muscle straining as he pushes in and out of me, the headboard banging against the wall. His eyes are on mine, teeth bared like an animal until he climaxes, when his face relaxes into a state of ecstasy. It’s gorgeous, really, to see him like this. Totally abandoned.

He slows a bit, his cock throbbing inside of me, and when it finally settles, he stops, falling to the side of me, breathing heavily.

“That was—”

“Intense?” I ask.


“Good intense?”

He considers my face for a moment. He looks a bit dreamy, heavy-lidded, lips slightly parted. Relaxed looks really fantastic on him.

“It was more than good, at least for me.” There’s a bit of a question in the statement.

“Good. I liked it, too.” I put a hand on his smooth cheek and lean in, softly kissing his lips.

Calum kisses me back, softly, sweetly. Not a kiss I would call forgettable. Not a kiss I would give or receive from someone who should be forgotten.

My eyes are heavy, and while I know I should leave, should thank him for the massive orgasm and head home, never to speak of this again, I don’t.

I don’t do any of that.

I don’t leave.

Instead, I let my eyes close, drifting in and out as I struggle to stay awake.

But staying awake is an impossibility.

Impossible once I feel the gentle weight of a soft blanket being tucked around me, my naked body still tingling from what he just did to it.

Impossible with the way he lies next to me—close but not making it feel too intimate, too soon.

Impossible because everything feels too wonderful to do anythingbutgive in to the call of glorious, superb, intoxicating sleep.

So, I do.

I let myself fall asleep next to a man IknowI should not be falling asleep next to.




Iwake up feeling oddly groggy. Not hung over because I wasn’t drunk, but definitely…fuzzy. As I roll onto my back, my brain comes fully online. I remember.

I remember what Billie Hirsch and I did in my bed last night.

My bed that she later fell asleep in.

After the best sex I’ve ever had.

In my life.

Full stop.

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