The Keeper

Author: R. Miller
Category: Romance | New Adult | Erotic
Total pages: 97

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The Keeper

Living in Montreal and playing the best hockey of my career after leading my team to a Cup-winning season a year ago?


Traded overnight to the Vegas Crush and blindsided with no warning whatsoever?

Also, check.

So now I’m in Vegas. Feeling all the uncomfortableness of a new environment where nothing is familiar. Where every person I see is someone I don’t know. Where "fitting in" will be nearly impossible without an established routine.

To help settle me in, Vegas Crush Media Relations arranged for a volunteer gig teaching guitar lessons to disadvantaged kids at a local youth center. They feel that connecting with the community will help boost my image with the Vegas fans.

I don’t mind volunteering at all. I prefer to keep busy, and I think it could be a fun way to pass my downtime.

But there is a hitch. Of course, there is.

That stunning drummer from Love Scrum I saw play my first night out in Vegas?

The one with the ends of her dark, silky hair dyed electric purple?

The one with the mile-long legs who danced with me (and kissed me) when I stupidly crashed that after-party?

The one-in-the-same gorgeous drummer I blew off at the end of the night because I’m awkward AF in new situations with new previously noted?

That one???

Well, today I found out her name is Billie Hirsch.  And she is everything I said she was…plus a whole lot more. she’s the program director for those guitar lessons I’ll be teaching over at the Crush Foundation Music Workshop. Ms. Hirsch and I will be forced to work closely together throughout the entire season. Billie Hirsch kinda hates me and this is going to be a huge pucking problem.