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My mind on Calum, on his smile, his hand holding on to mine, his eyes dark and intense as he watched me drive away in the cab.

Fuck it. I make the call.

Calum’s face is sleepy as he answers. “Billie? Everything okay?”

“Sorry to wake you,” I apologize.

“What’s wrong?”

I’m almost too shy to say it. I almost lie and tell him I couldn’t sleep. “I need to come,” I blurt the words out before I can change my mind.

“Oh,” he says, then his eyes go wide. “Oh!”

“Yes. Will you stroke yourself? Will you let me see you? I need to see you.” IknowI sound desperate, half-crazed with desire and frustration, but I can’t seem to help myself.

He’s quiet for a moment, and I think, for a moment, he might say no. He might even turn me down.

But he doesn’t.

Calum shuffles around for a second, then holds out the phone. I can see his hand is on his cock. His big, long, beautiful cock.

“I wish I could put that in my mouth,” I tell him.

“I wish you could, too.” He’s stroking his fist up and down the stiff length.

“It felt good, when I did that for you?”

“So good,” he moans.

“And when you put your mouth on me?”

“I loved the taste of you,” he says on a heavy breath. “I loved it. I loved being in control like that. Loved losing control.”

“Me too. I’m touching myself, Cal. Do you want to see?”

“Fuck yeah,” he moans in the affirmative, so I move the phone so he can see me. We both touch ourselves, watching, and when I see the slick tip of his cock, wet with precum, I tell him I’m close.

“I want to see your face when you come,” I say.

He moves the phone so I can see him, his teeth bared as the phone shakes a bit. He’s pumping his cock hard now, and it’s really helping me along.

“I’m there, Cal. So close. I’m there.”

“Let me see you,” he grounds out harshly.

I position my screen so he can see me as we finish, both spectacularly.

He groans out a loud “ahhhhh” while I forget all about breathing, arching my back, pushing through the glorious, spectacular orgasm.

It’s not enough, not by half. I know what it feels like to come with him inside of me now. But it will do.

“Thank you,” I whisper.

“I should be thanking you, I’d say.” He gives me a little breathless laugh.

“Well, I woke you up, so maybe not.”

“Worth it.”

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