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Yes.That’s my immediate answer. And it completely solidifies what I knew was missing with Stuart. I could never feel for Stuart as much as I feel for Calum, even after such a short time.This feels so…right.

“I might very much think that, yes.”

“Well, then, I think we should. Make a go of it. Make sure it’s what we both want, yeah?”

He kisses me again, this time gently, slowly, savoring. We go slowly, touching each other over the top of our clothes before stripping to our underwear, Calum looking delicious in his black boxer briefs. I thank the heavens I wore my cute pink lace bra and thong today as I watch how he takes in the sight of me, my body, the way my nipples peak against the lace, the way I’m wet between my legs against the satin of my thong.

“You are so beautiful.” Not the first time he’s told me, and I hope not the last. “When I look at you, I can’t believe how I feel about you, about this. About how much I want you. More and more each time we’re together, if that’s possible.”

“Touch me?”

He touches me, but only momentarily, before scooting down to kiss me from outside of my panties. It drives me crazy. I want his mouth all over me, but he teases, pushing the panties aside, dipping a finger inside, pulling it out. He licks at my clit then stops. I groan and writhe and beg, but he takes his time, driving me so, so close to the edge.

When he finally slips my panties down my legs, he spreads them wide, his big hands dominant and demanding.Off-the-charts hot.Then he buries his face against my sex along with long fingers, lapping and sucking, fingering, and biting. It’s so good. So good. I cry out as I come, his name tumbling from my lips over and over and over.

Stopping only to ditch his boxers so he can be inside me, he aligns his cock to my center. Hard, hot flesh searches deep and fills me. Breathless as my body accepts the full length of him, I can only feel claimed and possessed and taken in the very best way. He looks into my eyes, trailing kisses over my mouth and neck and throat. He licks and kisses his way along my skin, laced with gentle nips of teeth. Moving our bodies together in a way where every thrust and retreat and caress is purposeful, no touch is wasted.

My breasts jut shamelessly as I arch into him, meeting each deep stroke he gives to me. The friction against his sculpted chest is almost enough to get me off again, not that I need any help. I build again, saying his name, inviting him to come with me.

“Fuuuck, Billie,” he shouts before I see his face tighten, his neck muscles cording as he starts to come, my name a steady repeat from his lips.

When he collapses, I wrap my arms around him, holding him, stroking back and forth across his back, listening to him breathe, and feeling his heart pound wildly against mine.

This feels so good. So right.

It feels like love.

I’ll leave the hard conversation that’s coming for another time.


twelve songs


“Billie, you doing okay over there?” I’m looking over to where Billie hangs on to the rail, trying her damnedest to stay upright on the ice…on skates.

“Oh, yep!” she yells, as she tries letting go, slips, and quickly grabs the rail again.

I chuckle, watching my class from CFMW skate around, all of them equipped with more courage than actual skating ability. They’re having fun though, so that’s all that matters.

I make a lap around the rink and put my arm around her on approach. She yelps and says, “Don’t make me fall.”

“I won’t, I promise. Let go. I’ll keep you upright.”

She trusts me enough to mostly let go, her fingertips still hovering over the rail, a security blanket. “The kids seem to be having a good time. Thanks for letting them come here to do this.”

“Don’t need to thank me. I just asked. The Crush PR team made it happen.”

“Well, still. It’s a big deal for them.”

“I know.” And I do. These kids come from really challenging backgrounds. The club, I’ve learned, is a place where they get a hot meal and homework help, where they can just be kids and not worry about whatever is going on at home. I’ve come to appreciate going there very much, even though I thought it was a stupid PR stunt in the beginning.Still feel bad about that.

“I may have to step away for a minute to take a call soon,” Billie says. “Can you help me to the exit?”

I nod and skate her over. She makes her way to the bench and starts to take off her skates, relief obvious on her face. I make a face at her and shake my head slowly back and forth. “I’ll get better with practice so don’t judge. Grew up in Los Angeles, remember? Ice skating wasn’t at the top of the activity list.”

“Not judging you. And I know you will because I’m an excellent teacher, but who are you expecting to call?”

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