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My worries fade away though as she begins her acceptance speech, her words of confident but sincere thanks to the fans and to all those involved with the song, captivating the audience into a pointed silence as they hang on to her every word. “…and finally, to mybelovedfor whom this song was written. You fill my heart each day more than the day before. If not for you, I wouldn’t be up here right now. My dream is realized because of you. My soon-to-be husband, my lover, my rock, my keeper. I might have to share your ‘keeper’ duties with the Vegas Crush, but, Calum Lefleur, you are definitelymy keeper.” She points her statuette at me and then blows me a kiss before waving to an erupting crowd as she finishes.

The audience roars their approval as I prepare to respond for all to witness. A camera operator crouches in front of me, and the crowd goes weirdly quiet.

I do not care who hears me because…well, it’s totally irrelevant.

I am speaking to her and only to her.


I think the audience just sighed a collective awww around the room…

“And you are mine,Billie Hirsch.”

sneak peek of lucky puck

Vegas Crush #7

Please read onto enjoy the first chapters ofLUCKY PUCK, Book 7 in theVEGAS CRUSHseries featuring the new GM, Grant and Devon the team nutritionist who get quite the surprise after a one night puck they share in the off season. We’ll get to catch up with some of our friends from the previous books as well. All books in theVEGAS CRUSHseries are STANDALONE contemporary romance with a happily ever after, and always plenty of steam burning up the pages. Available to PREORDER now.

1: max terry


“So it’s done then, hey?” Marcus asks as he takes a swig from his beer bottle. “The I’s are crossed and the T’s are dotted?”

I open my mouth to respond but then realize what he’s said. “I think you got that backwards, friend.”

He lifts a shoulder. “Whatever. You get the picture.”

I nod. “Yep. I signed all the paperwork yesterday in the presence of my lackluster divorce attorney. We’re selling the house and splitting the proceeds, but I might as well just hand her the money, considering the spousal support I have to pay.”

“Bitch cheats on you in your own bed and then asks you to pay her to go away,” Marcus answers, shaking his head of wild, blonde curls. “Did you at least get to punch Brady Frankel in the face?”

I cringe at his choice of word. Bitch. I just don’t like to talk about her like that. Even after she had an affair with one of my best friends. Even after she acted as if our fourteen years together meant nothing. “I’m not…Don’t call her that,” I say quietly, toying with the label on my beer.

“Dude, you’re too nice. Too much of a gentleman. She did you wrong.”

“She did,” I agree. “But I still don’t like that word. For any woman, really.”

He lifts his shoulder again. “Okay, man. Sorry. And what about Brady?”

“I’ve got nothing to say about Brady. He’s nobody to me now.”

“Gonna make work holiday parties a real hoot.”

I snort at this. He’s not wrong. The thought of having to be in a room together with the two of them, in front of the team and the whole office staff? No thanks. It curdles my stomach, actually. Makes my beer taste sour.

“Dude, this is a shit show.”

Marcus nods, his mouth set in a distasteful pucker. “With a capital S. I’ll bet you wish you’d never heard the name Margot at this point.”

Margot. We met when I was a twenty-four, just two years out of college. I’d taken my college team to the national championships playing center and there was no way I wasn’t going to make a career of the game I’d been playing since I could stand on a pair of skates. I went straight into the AHL and made a name for myself early.

One night, my teammates and I were out celebrating. The usual group of hockey groupies were hanging around, eager to spend the night with a pro player. Any pro player. But that wasn’t an interest of mine. However, my eyes did keep wandering to a table full of college-aged women, where a pretty, brown-haired, blue-eyed woman was trying hard not to catch my eye.

I went to the restroom just to get a chance to walk by her table. We made eye contact, and when I came back out, I asked if I could buy her a drink. Margot and I were inseparable after that night. She was always in the stands, cheering for me. She watched my career take off, was there when I won the Calder Cup, and saw me represent my country as the Canadian team took Olympic Gold in Sochi.

And then.

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