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“Yes. Right now.”

Demanding and greedy. My kind of girl. I slip my hands up inside her shirt and cup her tits. “I’m gonna suck on these first.”

“Okay.” She wriggles in excitement, nearly falling off the edge of the chair. I grab her and haul her upright.

“Hang on to me, Button.” I stroke my thumbs over her nipples and tease them into hard points.


“Seems cuter than Paintbrush or Turpentine.”

“Yeah, I don’t like Turpentine at all. Have you really called someone that?”

“I think it’s obvious that I have zero experience with pet names so no, I’ve never called anyone a term of endearment. Arms up.” I pull her shirt over her head. Her bare tits glow under the light. I rub my tongue against the bottom of my lip. I’d seen countless nudes, both in my life art classes and in paintings and sculptures, but no one has ever been more beautiful than Morgan. “Damn. You’re so fucking sexy right now. I’m torn between wanting to immortalize you on my canvas and wanting to devour you.”

“I vote for the devouring.”

“Same.” I latch on to the right tit, engulfing the juicy plum. She clutches my head to her chest. I suck hard enough that my cheeks hollow out. I’m dizzy with want. When the right nipple is eraser hard, I move to the left nipple and give that the same special attention until she is panting and shaking.

“More, Eros.” She draws my name out, elongating the syllables, making it sound sexier than a name should. Fuck, though, even the sound of her breathing is driving me crazy.

I pull at the waistband of her jeans. She nearly tips over as we strip her jeans off, but I catch her ass in my palms and jerk her straight against my mouth. The taste of her stuns me. The sensation of her soft, slick heat sends my head spiraling. My cock strains against its denim prison.

I have to have more. I part her folds with my tongue and pierce that hot channel. Her juice coats my chin and jaw. I press forward. This is not enough. My tongue in her pussy is not enough. I need more. I want more. I want her. I want her to come in my mouth, to cover me with her arousal. I want to be consumed by her. I want to be burned up by the flame of her desire and mine. I eat her out, clamping her hips in my large hands, holding her still while she screams above me. This is heaven. I can die a happy man.

“Hey, Flynn, do you have a minute? I got Morgan’s num—" Matty’s voice is drowned out by Morgan’s shrieks. She jerks out of my grip and falls backward off of the chair. I straighten up, and my fist is flying before a cogent thought forms.



“Ahhh!”I scream as I fall backwards. I sit there stunned and naked on the ground for a second, not really sure what to do.

I don’t have a stitch of clothing on, but I’m pretty sure there is a fight happening between two friends. I glance around, trying to find a piece of my clothing, but it’s on the other side of the chair and out of my reach. Fuck me. Of course, this would happen to me the one time I throw caution to the wind.Think on your toes, Morgan!

“Eros!” I scream his name, hoping that will get his attention, but they keep going at it. I raise my voice louder. ”Stop or I’ll stand up from behind this chair butt-ass naked.” It’s a bluff.

I’m not ashamed of my body, but I’m also not used to being all naked in front of a man. Let alone two of them. I’m sure my face is still flushed from my orgasm that I only got to partially enjoy before all hell broke loose.

“Don’t move!” Eros lets out a deep, sexy growl. “Look at her and I’ll cut your eyes out,” I hear him say. A second later, Eros is there with a throw blanket. He wraps it around me. He’s got a cut just above his eyebrow while Matty has a busted lip.

“Y’all are a mess.” I try to make a joke. Gremlin is sitting on the kitchen island, so he had a terrific view and looks to have enjoyed the fight. I hope he didn’t see the pre-show.

“He hit me first.” Matty tries to defend himself.

“You walked into my house while I had my face buried between my woman's thighs,” Eros shouts back. His woman? I think if anyone else said that I’d be pissed off, but I think I like it coming from him. Scratch that, I’m pretty sure I love it. I’m also rather enjoying this rough side to him too. It’s interesting the things I find appealing in him that I don’t much care for in other men. Maybe it’s because he’s my man.

“I always walk in here! You never have women here.” My ears really perk up at that. “You didn’t have her number a few hours ago and now you—”

“Don’t finish that sentence.” Eros cuts him off.

“You just said what you were doing two seconds ago, but I can’t repeat it?”

“I can say what I want when it comes tomygirl. You can’t.” Matty holds his hands up in surrender while taking a few steps back.

“Interesting,” Matty says as he starts to smile but winces when the cut on his lip pulls tight. “When did you become so violent and possessive?” he asks.