Marked With Love

Author: Ella Goode
Category: Romance
Total pages: 35

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Marked With Love

Eros was named by his mother to be a great lover but he has more interest in paint than women. A reclusive artist, Eros spends his days immersed in his art. To stop his mom from hounding him, Eros agrees to go on a blind date…and proceeds to fall in love with the woman the moment his eyes land on her.


Morgan’s a free spirit who loves her Grams and her friends, in that order. She stays away from men because they all want her gram’s money and while Eros Flynn is too beautiful for words, she’s pretty sure he’s exactly like all the rest of the guys she’s ever come across.


Eros hasn’t ever met anyone who hated him on sight but if there’s one trait he’s known for its persistence. He’ll turn Morgan’s hate into love if it’s the last thing he does. He wasn’t named Eros for nothing.