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“Is that what you told yourself when you got up and ran away?” I counter.

She wrinkles her nose. “The box looks familiar and expensive,” she comments and avoids my question.

I let her change the topic. “I don’t know how much it cost. I was fighting Matty and gave the lady my credit card, and as soon as it cleared, I ran out. He was trying to buy something for Blake.”

Morgan slides the remaining distance and settles into the cushion next to me, making sure we’re not touching as if contact with me will strip away all the defenses she’s erected. She gives the ribbon securing the box a small tug, and when she lifts the lid off, a gasp escapes her.

I cough into my fist to hide my smug smile. That little sound made all the pain go away. I’d fight a lion for her.

“It’s beautiful.”

“I know you carry around that black one with the red embroidery, so I didn’t wanna get you another black one, but I thought this would be a nice contrast. The red makes me think of you.” Fiery, passionate, welcoming.

“I think it’s too expensive.”

“Now, I didn’t go to all that trouble just for you to turn it down. Besides, red is more your color than mine. I’m a blue sky guy myself.”

A reluctant smile comes to her mouth. “Aren’t you worried that giving me this pretty, expensive gift encourages me to run?”

“There are better things if you stick around. Like breakfast in bed, and I don’t mean just early morning sex but like waffles and strawberries and whip cream and then sex.”

Slowly, Morgan places the bag back inside the box and folds the tissue paper so only a hint of the red shows through the opaque white paper. “I don’t know,” she starts to say, and I know whatever comes next is not something I’m gonna want to hear. “I don’t think I’m made for these kinds of relationships. I don’t have good experiences with long-term connections.”

“Other than your grandma and Alfred.”

“Grandma won’t give up on me.” A rueful smile tilts the corners of her lips up.

“And you think I will. That’s fair. You haven’t known me for very long, plus, you’re scared of my dick. Don’t worry.” I pat her hand. “You’re going to get used to me and my dick all in good time.”

She bursts out laughing, which is what I wanted. “Aren’t you supposed to say that your dick is gonna get smaller?”

“No. Why would I ever say that? Obviously, you are going to adjust, and by that, I mean I’ll be around so much, you won’t remember what life was like when I wasn’t part of it. I’ll be around so often you’ll be sick of me.”

Her face remains skeptical. I squeeze her hand. “You don’t have to be sure of me today, tomorrow, or, hell, even fifty years from now. I’m just gonna be there, wherever you are. That’s my place in this world. Next to you.”



“Babe,you told me I couldn’t let you go back to sleep,” Eros reminds me.

I woke to his mouth between my legs giving me an amazing orgasm. After he’d made me come for him, he flipped me over and pulled my ass into the air and had his way with me before making me come again with him. I’d melted back into the bed, ready to go back to sleep.

“I don’t wanna,” I complain. A furry face nudges against mine, and I open my eyes to see Gremlin wanting some pets. I can’t resist. I scratch the top of his head before I move to under his chin.

“I see how it is. You have no problem waking up for him?” Eros kisses the side of my neck from behind. I’m lying on my side.

“Jealous?” I tease.

“When it comes to you, always.” He gives me another kiss. “But I swore I’d make sure you were out the door by ten.”

“Do I smell bacon?” I perk up.

“I might have made breakfast, but you’d have to get out of bed to find out.”

“I thought men wanted their women in their bed,” I huff, pretending to be annoyed. I’m not. The only thing I’m mad about is having to get up. For the past five days, I’ve been held up in Eros’ place. I’m shocked he hasn’t kicked me out yet.

I didn’t realize how messy I was until I didn’t have a cleaning crew on staff or neat freak Blake as my roommate to pick up after me. I’m noticing a few things about myself that even annoy me, but Eros never says a peep. He merely picks up my clothes that I leave lying around or my purse that is usually dumped out on the coffee table because I was trying to find something.

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