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She rubs her cheek against my shirt. “I will.”

“Glad we’re on the same wavelength.” I lean back against the rich leather car seat and wait for my heart rate to go down. I almost lost Morgan, but we’re both safe now.



Almost a year later

“Rise and shine,my little pink Valentine.” I peek one eye open to see my husband looming over me, a giant smile on his face. He looks more like a kid on Christmas morning than someone excited over Valentine’s Day. Eros brushes some of my pink hair out of my face.

I’m sure he has something up his sleeve. My humor might be dark, but Eros knew that under all of it, I was a romantic at heart. I only tried to hide it. Not so much anymore. Eros has slowly melted away the fears I tried so hard to not let anyone see. My husband isn’t going anywhere. I know he loves and adores every inch of me and never asks me to be anything I’m not.

Oddly, when I finally let go of trying to cater to my parents in any kind of way, it was them that changed. It might not have been giant changes, but they accepted Eros. I think not getting invited to our small wedding that Grams hosted in the back of the Hoffman estate was a wakeup call for them. I didn’t need them to live my life. I could go on without them. I had people that wanted to love me for me.

“Do I smell bacon?”

“Of course.” His hands slip down to the small baby bump that has formed. “Let's get you fed. I have something I want to show you before we need to head over to Grams’.”

“Fine.” I stretch my arms out. Today is going to be a long day. Blake and Matty are getting married today. It’s one year from their first date. I suppose that applies to myself and Eros too. It’s crazy how much life can change in a year.

Blake’s wedding is going to be a whole lot different than mine. It’s a giant one with over a hundred guests. Grams is hosting this one too. Mine had only been a handful of people. Both Eros and I wanted ours to be small and intimate. I also wanted it to happen quickly. That brief moment when I thought Eros had been taken from me for good shook reality into my bones.

It didn’t matter if Eros had left me back then or twenty years from now, that loss would break me. I was running from something you couldn’t get away from. I was already in deep with him. So, I let myself fall, and Eros caught me instantly. I think he was in just as much, if not more, of a hurry to get hitched as I was. It took him a bit longer to get me knocked up. Not for lack of trying, but he pulled it off. I’m now four months pregnant.

Eros pulls me from the bed, dropping a kiss on the top of my head, his hand again caressing my stomach.

“Need you to put clothes on or we’ll be late.”

“It’s only eight.” I let out a yawn. He insisted we stay in the city last night. I knew he was up to something. The wedding is literally in our backyard at the estate. We split a lot of our time between the condo in the city and the Hoffman estate. The Hoffman estate will always be my home.

That was a little nugget I learned when my father had brought up the fact that Eros and I didn’t do a prenup and was pushing for a postnuptial agreement. Grams went and shocked both my father and me when she said that she did have a few things she wanted Eros to sign. It had to do with the Hoffman estate. It was to be mine.

My father almost lost it but controlled himself when Grams told him he had no idea how to keep any kind of family home. I didn’t want to have any paperwork drawn up about a potential divorce, but Eros had been team Grams. That the Hoffman estate was always to remain my home and one day would be passed down to our children regardless of what happened between Eros and me.

“Yes, but we have a wedding to get to, and it’s our Valentine’s Day too, and I have something I want to show you.”

“You can’t show me here?” I reach for the front of his pants. He jumps back so I only graze my hand across his hard-on.

“Babe, if you start, I won’t be able to stop.”

“That’s not what you want to show me?” I tease.

“Dressed,” he pleads with me. We both know I can get him back into the bed if I want.

“So, we have to leave the condo for whatever this is?” My curiosity is really peaking now.

“Yes, but it’s not far.”

I threw on some sweats and ate the breakfast Eros made for me before he led me out of our place. We moved from his to a new one that offered a bit more privacy. Our place takes up the whole top floor of the building with roof access.

“Where are we going?” I ask when we cross the street after we exit our building.

“Only around the corner.” My breath catches when I see it. “It’s small, but it’s only meant for you. It’s close to our place.” Eros opens the door to the tattoo shop. I gasp when I get a peek inside.

“How in the hell?” I run my fingers across one of the two adjustable tattoo chairs.

“I might have asked Mick to help me,” he admits. The shop has everything I could need. I grab my husband and kiss him before I push him into the chair and straddle him. “I take it you like it?”