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She drapes herself across my lap. I drag her panties down, revealing her pert little ass, my cock twitching at the sight. “By the time I’m done, you’ll be begging me to let you come.”

“Fuck you.”

“That’s the plan.” I bring my hand down hard on her ass, holding her in place with my free hand as she squirms and fights me. I slap down over and over again, heating both buttocks, turning them red, alternating harder and softer blows, teasing my way between her thighs, letting my fingers reach out into her growing pool of wetness.

I slip a finger into her when her breathing grows too heavy for me to continue spanking her. The stiffness has gone from her body, the arch to her spin turned into a melt that makes me want to be in her and taste her all at once.

I shift her in place so I can get one hand on her clit and the other teasing the entrance to her pussy. I plunge a finger deep inside,feeling her tightness as she grips me, tormenting her hard little bud at the same time.

“Have you been fucked before?” I ask, thrusting my finger back and forth.

She doesn’t answer fast enough so I slap her ass again. “Well?”

“You know I’m a virgin.”

“Not for long.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

“I think you know.”

“Are you going to fuck me?” She sounds half afraid, half excited.

“Only when you beg me to.”

“I’ll never do that.” The defiance is crumbling, the words sound like a lie.

“I think you will.” I reach into the drawer beside the chair, bringing out the bullet vibrator I charged up earlier. Switching it to the lowest setting, I press it to her clit. She moans in response, shifting her hips in place.

“Stop trying to run from the truth,” I tell her, circling her clit slowly. “You want to submit to me. Why not admit it?”

She doesn’t say anything but her body responds, pushing back against the vibe. I switch the speed up, holding it in place, making little sideways rocking motions, ignoring the throbbing pain in my cock, the urgent need to be in her. “You want to come, don’t you?”

She keeps quiet. I look at her face. Biting her lip to keep from answering.

“I heard when you masturbated. Did you know that?”

Still nothing.

“Sound carries in this house. You were thinking of me, weren’t you? Wanting me inside you.”

I carry on teasing her, taking my time, waiting to ask her again. I have all the patience in the world. She can’t last long. I can tell from the way her pussy is clenching around my finger. “Ask me if you can come and I might let you.” I move the vibe away from her clit. “Go ahead. Ask me.”

She glances up at me, her eyes sparkling. “Please, can I come?”

That’s the last of her shield broken away. She’s mine for good now.

As I look into her eyes, something happens to me. I don’t want to send her packing. I don’t want to punish her for the crimes of her father. I want to keep her. I want to dominate her. I want to worship her. I want her to be my wife and remain my wife. Loved, cherished, protected.

I push the feeling away. I won’t get anywhere letting emotions rule me. Never trust anyone, my father told me. The first chance she gets, she’ll run. I need to guard her well, stop her from running. Make sure she knows I am in charge, that she is nothing to me but a possession.

That was always the plan.

Shame the plan has changed.

“Come for me,” I say, pressing the vibe back to her clit. “Let me hear you come in my lap, you dirty girl. Do it now.”