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I find myself laughing as I glance past him. I start and I can’t stop. I’ve seen something he hasn’t. No doubt I sound insane. He starts laughing too. Soon the whole room is laughing. “Cut them off,” he says at last, wiping his eyes. “Got some cojones. See how he feels when I hold them in my hands.”

“You could have bought me dinner first.”

That sets his men off laughing again but he looks furious. “Do it,” he roars, waving a gun in my direction.

“Now,” I say.

Behind him, the hidden door swings into the room, catching Wormtash on the ass and sending him spiraling over the desk. His gun slides out of his hand and reaches me just as I slip my hands out of the ropes.

I lunge for it and get there before him, slamming the butt of the pistol into his nose. Two seconds have passed since I gave the order.

I spin around, firing twice in quick succession, hitting the men by the door. They drop before they’ve even got their guns out. The last man, the technician, is coming at me with the cable pointing my way.

I drop to the floor and yank his ankles. He trips and the cable hits the desk man in the eye. He roars in agony as the current pulsates through him, the air thick with the smell of burned meat.

I’m back on my feet, firing twice more at the cable guy. My ears ring as I look around. No movement apart from by the secret door. A figure emerging from the darkness. She smiles at me. I smile back.

The door to the corridor bursts open and I almost shoot Igor before I realize it’s him. “Sorry boss,” he says, glancing around at the corpses. “They cut the alarms and the cameras. We’ve been fighting our way to you since they came.”

“You took your fucking time. Where’s the rest of the assholes?”

“Regrouping outside the walls. I think we’ve got a couple of minutes before they try again.”

“How many dead?”

“Three so far but we’ve taken out a dozen of theirs. What the fuck is this all about?”

“You know that deal you sorted?”

“Is this about the ten percent?”

“Cartel decided they want my whole empire for the insult. Sent a couple of assholes to get me to sign everything over, give them access to my Swiss accounts, everything.” I pick up the blood covered contract and toss it into the trash bin.

“They don’t know you at all if they think torture will make you do anything.”

“What a fucking mess.” I pick up the nearest gun and turn to Mila. “Can you shoot?”

She shrugs. “I went to a range a couple of times as a kid. My dad insisted.”

I pass her the gun. “Point that end, pull the trigger. Try not to shoot any of my men.”

“You trust me with this?”

“You’re Volkov Bratva now. Part of the family. If it wasn’t for you, I’d have that asshole still whining at me.”

“I heard what you told him, about your father, I mean. Why didn’t you tell me it was him who gave you those scars?”

“Because I don’t need your pity.”

“What about empathy? Understanding?”

I don’t like the way she looks at me, the compassion in her eyes. Trust no one. That’s what my father said. Get revenge.

“We need to prepare.” I turn to Igor. “Get the men ready in case they make it over the wall.”

“I’ll be ready.” He runs out of the room.

I grab hold of Mila and kiss her. “I thought you’d run off in the restaurant. Can’t tell you how glad I was to see that door moving and your face peeking out.”

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