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“I thought you were dead. Wasn’t sure I made the right choice coming back here.”

“Takes more than a couple of cartel dudes to take me out. You sure you want in on this? Not too late to go back out the way youcame in.”

“I’m sure but I need to tell you something.”

Igor’s voice cuts across her from the corridor. “They’re coming.”

“Tell me after,” I say, kissing her again. “Let’s move.”



They come over the wall in a group. I’m watching through binoculars from the lounge window, gun by my side, hoping I don’t have to use it. I think of the bodies back in the study. Dead because of Alexsei. Because of me.

When I got through the tunnel, I heard the voices before I eased the door open. When I glanced out and saw Alexsei and the face he gave me, I knew exactly what to do. I could tell.

One swing of the door and it would hit the leader of them in the ass. I just needed to pick the right moment.

It worked out okay. Alexsei is alive and they’re not. He looks as fresh as ever, no sign he was recently being tortured.

I need to tell him about the pregnancy but how am I supposed to do that when he’s outside, marshaling his men ready for the attack.

I count ten of them appearing at the top of the wall. Alexsei’s men all start firing. Cartel members slump to the ground before they can get a shot off. I glance at Alexsei. He doesn’t lookfrightened in the slightest. He fires his gun and someone else falls.

They were expecting a rout. They thought Alexsei would be out of action, unable to command his men to victory. They thought it would be a pushover. But my husband is out there, in control, proving why he’s in charge.

Within a minute, it’s all over. No one else comes over the wall. Alexsei sends a couple of men forward to take a look and they yell that it’s all clear. The few cars the Mexicans arrived in are racing away.

I walk outside, still gripping the gun tightly until Alexsei eases it from my hands. He kisses the top of my head. “You are safe,” he says. “Now what did you want to tell me?”

“I’m pregnant.”

He looks like he misheard me, his face giving nothing away. “Say that again.”

“I’m pregnant.”

“But we missed the doctor’s appointment. How can you be sure?”

“I took a test when we were at the restaurant. Before Terry came in and dragged me out the window.”

“You’re really pregnant?”

“I am.”

I expect a hug but he looks angry. “You should have said before. You were in harm’s way just now.”

“I tried to tell you but we got interrupted.”

“Not good enough.” He calls Igor over. “We need to put her somewhere safe.”

“What about the cabin?”


“Mrs. Aldova could go with her.”

“Is the kit still there?”

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