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I do as he commands, spreading my legs, toying with my clit, moving my folds, exposing the most hidden parts of me to his gaze. He watches with staring eyes, lust flashing across his features, his hand moving faster on his cock.

“Fuck me,” I tell him, sliding a finger into myself. “I need you in me.”

“My perfect wife,” he replies, lowering himself onto me, pushing with a single motion so he’s in me, taking my breath away. “You will stay safe,” he adds, pulling back and thrusting again. “I will protect you.”

“Then stay with me.”

He kisses me again. “Soon, my darling. It will not be long.”

“How long?”

“I will come to the cabin tomorrow night. We will watch the stars together. You will paint them for me. I always loved the stars.” He thrusts again, his kisses ending our conversation.

Our bodies meld together, my hands on his back, feeling his scars through his suit jacket. Tortured by his own father. Always in danger. A lifetime of fighting.

Others might be jealous of his wealth. I feel sorry for him, for his life. Always at war. Never able to relax.

Can I have a child with this man? “Alexsei,” I say as he speeds up the movement of his hips. “I think I’m falling for you.”

He slams into me, his pelvis hitting my clit in just the right way, tipping me over the edge. We come in the same instant. “I know,” he grunts as he spurts deep inside me.

He falls still, panting slightly as he eases his cock from me. My climax is still washing over me as he gets to his feet, holding a hand out toward me.

“We will not be apart for long,” he says, squeezing my fingers lightly. “And then we will never be apart again.”



Diego Garcia sits on one side of the table. I sit on the other. As a mark of mutual respect, we’ve both come alone to his new lake house, worryingly close to Chicago.

“You like it?” he asks, waving his hands around. “Bought it from an American. Did a square deal. Same as me and you will make a square deal today.”

I grunt, giving him nothing.

“You are a worthy opponent,” he continues. “But you killed several of my men. That is an insult.”

“You sent them to torture me. That was the insult.”

“You first insulted me by refusing to negotiate over the Juarez deal.”

“You sound like a kid. The price was agreed in advance. Don’t nickel and dime me when the merchandise has been delivered.”

“Business means negotiation. I did not become this wealthy without negotiating prices every now and then.”

I fold my arms. “Get to the point.”

“So impatient. Eat, drink, let us relax a little.”

“I’m not hungry.”

He frowns but then his smile returns. “Then we will get straight down to business. You do not want to hand over your empire. I see that. I think you will change your mind sooner or later but for now I will play things your way.

“You will hand over ten percent of your earnings to me and we will put this bickering behind us. The shipments will resume with a ten percent cut on prices in perpetuity. We remain friends. You have future access to my factories. I have access to your delivery systems. America and Mexico working together in harmony.”

“I’m Russian.”

“You’ve lived here all your life. You are American, Alexsei. Fireworks, Statue of Liberty, cheesecake, too many guns. Do we have a deal?”

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