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Do not try to contact me. I’m keeping the money you hid. Come after me and the child dies.


I shake my head. Is it possible? Did she shoot Mrs. Aldova and then run?

I read the note again before spinning around, moving to the front door. I examine the ground outside. Tire marks. A car was here and it isn’t anymore. The one that brought Mila up is still parked beside my own.

Someone came for her. Made her write that note. Can’t be any other reason why she’d be gone, why Mrs. Aldova would be dead.




Don Belucci?

I call Igor. He answers at once. “Aldova’s dead. Mila’s missing,” I say.

“I’ve been trying to call you. I found a cartel card in her room, slipped behind the sofa cushion.”

I slap my forehead. “Aldova was working for Diego?”

“Explains why they shot her. Using her to get to Mila.”

“And using Mila to get to me. We need to find my wife.”

I hang up, climbing into my car before stopping myself. I have to examine the scene. Look for clues.

The words of my father come back to me. Don’t trust anyone. Ever.

I run back into the cabin, lifting the floorboards to dig out the stash of money hidden underneath. There’s nothing there. The space is empty.

Mila’s gone. The two hundred thousand dollars are gone. The weapons are gone.

I make a vow, clenching my fists as I say it out loud.

“I will not rest until I find my wife.”