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“But that wasn’t protection,” I say. “That was vengeance.”

“And I would do anything to avenge them too. If anyone takes away someone I love, I’ll kill them without hesitation.”

I picture him as a twelve-year-old boy with tears in his eyes and a broken heart as he finds out that his dad is never coming home. I guess I would be capable of doing the same. I know that I could kill anyone who tried to take this man away from me.

“All I did was take some evil out of the world,” he says. “I have no regrets for making the world a safer place for you.”

I wrap my arms around his bicep and look up at him.

“I understand if you feel the need to turn me in when we get home,” he says with his eyes on the gentle waves. “I won’t hold it against you. I won’t be mad. I could never be mad at you, Molly.”

I reach up, grab his cheek, and turn his head until his mesmerizing green eyes are on mine. “I’ll keep it a secret if you kiss me.”

He leans down and presses his soft lips to mine. I moan as he shifts his body and pulls me onto his lap, kissing me the entire time.

I slide my hands into his jacket, feeling his soft warm skin pulled tight over taut muscle. His cock gets hard against my thigh and I moan into his mouth.

Here I go again—putting out again before we’ve even had our first date. He’s going to start questioning if I was really a virgin if I keep slutting it up like this.

But it would be physically impossible to turn this man down. He’s got some kind of sexual hold on me. My body craves him constantly.

“Oh,” I gasp when I feel those big hands sliding under the long shirt I’m wearing. He grabs my panties and tugs them down. My twisted legs make it awkward, so I stand up, straddling him, and pull them down.

My shirt tumbles over my pussy, hiding it as he stares at the spot with his lustful eyes. I’m already so wet. I’m desperate for this man.

If I’m being honest, it’s a hell of a turn-on that he took out a whole crew of mafia assholes to avenge his family. I know he would do the same for me. He would go on a killing rampage to protect me.

“Oh, Blake,” I moan as he slides his sandy hands up the back of my thighs. He continues under my shirt and grips my bare ass.

“Pull that shirt up,” he commands in a deep throaty voice. I love it when he barks orders during sex like this. It makes me want to follow every single one to please him.

I grab the shirt and slowly pull it up, revealing my wet pussy. His hands tighten on my ass and he pulls me to his face.

My head drops back and I let out a deep passionate moan when I feel his tongue on me once again. He licks my pussy and sucks on my throbbing clit until I’m grabbing his hair in fistfuls and cumming all over his mouth.

He’s soooo good at this. How is he so good at this?

I’m drowning in heated bliss as he takes care of me. I surrender all control and let him take over as he brings me onto his lap and spreads my legs. I’m straddling him and moaning uncontrollably as he slides his thick hard cock deep into my cumming pussy.

“You’re home now, baby,” he whispers as I rock my hips, grinding my engorged clit on the root of his cock. He’s so big. I feel so full. “This is where you belong.”

I lick my lips and grab onto his shoulders as he rocks his hips, inching in and out of me.

“This is where I want to stay…” I moan as I drop my head back and look up at the palm trees through half-closed eyes. “On this island with your cock lodged deep in my pussy.”

Those strong hands grab my ass and he starts moving my body in a sensual rhythm, jerking himself off with my wet cunt.

I cling to him as he drives his hips up every time my body comes down. My clit slams into him over and over and it’s not long before I’m cumming all over his beautiful cock.

This time, I can’t hold back the screams. I cry out so loud that every monkey on the island is going to hear me. They’re going to start gossiping about me if I’m not careful.

Blake grunts as he thrusts in deep. He holds himself inside me and releases a hot load of cum into my pussy. I moan in ecstasy when I feel his warmth filling me up.

I’m not on birth control, but I don’t care. I want his seed to take root inside me. I want him in every way.