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The fire crackles as the sun sets in the distance. It’s a gorgeous spot and I can’t think of another place I’d rather be.

After dinner, Blake takes me in his arms and dances with me while he hums softly into my ear.

It’s just the two of us out here in paradise, but this romantic amazing man is all I need.

I don’t care if we ever get rescued.

With perfect nights like this, why would I ever want to leave?

Chapter Nine


“I caught one!” Molly hollers after throwing her spear into the water. She has a huge smile on her face until she pulls the spear out and sees the wiggling fish on the end of it. “Awwww. Now I feel bad.”

I take it from her as her shoulders slump. “It’s okay, Molly. We have to eat.”

“I know,” she says as the fish stops wiggling. “I just don’t like seeing it up close. I’d rather order it off a menu and be oblivious to the suffering.”

We take the fish, our spears that I carved out of branches with a sharp rock, and head back to our camp to cook it up for breakfast. On the way back, we stop by the mango trees and grab a few juicy ones.

I’ve kinda lost track of time out here, but I think it’s been about a month and a half since we arrived. We’ve gotten the hang of things and settled into a nice routine. First, we get breakfast by the creek and cook it up. After that, we usually go for a hike around the island or up the mountain. That always ends with us swimming in our paradise cove and making love on the rocks. I feel this sweet girl’s pussy wrapped around me every day without fail.

After an easy afternoon, we collect food for dinner and cook it on the beach until the stars come out and we’re falling asleep in each other’s arms. Sometimes we make love on the sand and sometimes we just spend hours talking about everything and anything. I know this woman better than I’ve known anyone else in my entire life and I can say with even more certainty that she’s the one for me.

“Do you think his fish family is missing him?” Molly asks as I turn the fish over the flames, getting the skin nice and crispy how she likes it.

I chuckle with my back to her. I don’t want to laugh at her, but sometimes she’s just so damn cute.

“No,” I say. “He was the asshole of the pond. Everybody hated him and they’re all thrilled that he’s dead.”

She laughs as she realizes how silly she’s being. “I know you’re mocking me, but I’m going to pretend that you’re right.”

Molly slices up the mangos with a sharp rock as I take off the fish and cut it up. We use these big thin flat rocks we found in the creek for plates, hollowed-out coconut shells for our water, and a table with chairs that I made out of fallen logs. It’s not perfect, but it does the job and makes us feel a little civilized and not like we’re barbarian cavemen living in the wild.

“It’s good,” she says as she bites into the fish and chews it. “Extra crispy, thanks.”

I smile as I take a bite. My high-end designer clothes didn’t last long on this island. They tore apart and practically disintegrated off our bodies, so now, we’re always naked. I like it better this way. I can see my girl’s hot sexy body whenever I desire.

“There’s the mother with the baby again,” Molly says with a smile as she looks up at the trees. I glance at her chest and then follow her eyes up to the tree. An adorable little baby is clinging to its mother’s stomach. Both of them are watching us.

The monkeys are always in the trees watching us whenever we eat and they’re always hanging around the camp, trying to get our scraps. As soon as we leave, they’ll be climbing down and going through our stuff. It’s annoying, but there’s not much we can do about it. Anyways, they were here first.

I can tell by the longing in Molly’s eyes as she looks at the mama and baby that she’s yearning for a child of her own. I am too. I want to start a family with this woman. I want to see her as a mom. I want to stuff her womb with babies until this island is full of little clones of us scampering around.

“They’re acting strange today,” she says as she looks around at the trees. She’s right. The monkeys seem to be on edge. They keep bouncing around and screeching at each other.

I don’t think much more of it until we’re heading to the cove to spend another incredible afternoon exploring each other’s bodies.