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Sally rushes off into the jungle to get the samples as the woman with glasses starts the motorboat and races back to the small ship parked in the bay.

“An hour left…” Molly says as she bites her bottom lip and gives me a flirty look. “What should we do?”

“One more dip in paradise cove?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

We’re going to do a lot more than swimming. It’s going to be the last time, so we have to make it count.

“You read my mind.”

She grabs my hand and we hurry down the path, about to enjoy our little slice of paradise for the last time.



Three months later…

“Hi, Mrs. Marsh,” one of the kids says with a big smile as I walk into the elementary school.

“Hey, Oscar,” I say as I put my hand out for a low five. As soon as he tries to hit it, I yank it away. “Too slow.”

He laughs as I continue down the hall. “I’ll get you next time!” he calls out.

“Yeah, right,” I say before sticking my tongue out at him. He’s such a cutie. A bit of a troublemaker, but the cute ones usually are.

I knock on the wooden doorframe of the reception as I poke my head in.

“Hi, Molly!” the receptionist says. “He’s in his office.”

“Thanks, Carol,” I say as I walk in and head to the door that has a sign with Principal Marsh written on it.

I lift my fist to knock and my big diamond engagement ring catches my eye. It still takes my breath away every time I see it. The night we moved into our house, Blake proposed in the empty living room. We were eating sushi on the floor in front of the fireplace and he pulled out this spectacular ring and asked me to marry him. It was incredibly romantic. I said yes immediately.

I smile as I knock on the door and his big gruff voice rings out. “Come in.”

God, he looks so sexy behind that desk. He’s wearing a light blue collared shirt with a dark blue and light gray striped tie. The shirt falls perfectly on those big shoulders and hugs his hard biceps in a way that makes me want to tear it off and send those buttons bouncing on the floor.

His hair is styled to the side and he’s got a sexy grin on his lips when he sees me walking into his office.

It’s been a dream ever since we came home. My parents are in love with Blake and my friends are all jealous of me, constantly asking how I got so lucky. I’m getting close with his mom and his friends, although they’re a bit older. They’re really nice and are very accepting of me. One of them told me it was because they’d never seen Blake look so happy. I’m so thrilled I’m having that effect on him.

We told the authorities that the plane was about to crash so we parachuted out, and that seemed to be enough. They never found the wreckage, so the evidence is somewhere at the bottom of the ocean, never to be found again. I’m just happy that part of Blake’s life is over. We can start a new chapter with nothing but happiness in store for us.

“Hey, baby,” he says as I slip inside and close the door. “How was class?”

He’s talking about the two college classes I had today—Introduction to Environmental Science and Wildlife Management. After meeting the researchers and hanging out with them on their ship while they brought us back to civilization, I realized what I want to study. I’d like to become a conservation scientist, just like them.

“I got in trouble,” I say in a pouty voice as I strut over to him. I put my palms on his desk and bend my back so my ass is sticking out. “Is the big bad principal going to punish me?”

He makes a growly noise as his eyes roam over my arched back and onto my ass. I’m wearing the jeans he loves, so I’m really tempting the beast here.

“Not here,” he says as he glances at the closed door. “I can’t…”

“Maybe you should take me home and punish me…” I sit in the chair facing his desk and nibble my bottom lip as I look at him under my eyelashes.

“That sounds like the best idea I heard all day.”

He gets up, grabs my hand, and pulls me to the door.

“I have to leave early, Carol,” he says as he pulls me out of the office. “Emergency.”

The bell is about to ring anyway, so I don’t feel too bad about making him play hooky.

We get in our cars and race home as the desire builds to a frenzy. By the time we burst into our gorgeous new house, we’re both ready to blow.

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