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“Blake!” Molly gasps as she grabs my arm. “Look!”

My stomach drops when I see a motorboat parked on the shore and footprints in the sand.

“Over there!” she says, pointing at the ocean. There’s a medium-sized boat anchored in the bay. I can hardly believe my eyes.

“There’s someone on there!” Molly says as the person flips a page of a book. “I think he’s drinking coffee! Blake, they have coffee! And they must have food!”

This is the moment I both hoped for and dreaded since falling in love with this woman. What’s going to happen if we leave this place? Will we still be as close? Will she still love me when I’m not her only option?

She grabs my hand and looks up at me. The happiness fades away and she suddenly looks sad.

“I guess… this is over?”

“What’s over?”

Her eyes drop to the sand. “Our little paradise…”

I squeeze her hands until she looks up at me. “Wherever we’re together, it’s paradise.”

“But… it will be different at home.”

“Different, yes. But it will still be amazing, Molly. We can buy a house and fill it with children. We can get a puppy, get married, and have a long life full of happiness and adventures together.”

Her chin quivers as it sinks in. We’re leaving… We’re actually leaving.

“I’m going to miss that cove,” she says as she looks longingly down the path.

“I’ll miss it too.”

I vow to one day buy her a vacation villa on the beach with our own personal cove nearby.

“But think how fun it will be to have sex on an actual bed,” I say as I pull her against me. She moans as she runs her hands up my chest. “With soft sheets. Pillows. No more hard rocks digging into our asses, elbows, and knees.”

She laughs. “That does sound nice.”

Voices ring out in the distance and my back straightens. They’re coming this way. It’s so strange to hear another voice other than Molly’s. I don’t like it. It feels like some unwanted visitor is trespassing in our home.

Two researchers are talking about monkeys as they walk down the path. We see them before they notice us. It’s two women, but I still pull Molly’s naked body behind mine to cover her. Male or female, I don’t want anyone’s eyes on my girl. Her sexy little pink parts are for my enjoyment only.

“Oh!” one of them says, jerking to a stop when she sees me.

The other one gasps as she spots me too. “What the… fuck?”

They both look stunned as they stare at me in shock. In their defense, it must be pretty shocking to think this island is deserted and then to suddenly come across a six-foot-six muscular naked man standing in their path.

“Behold!” Molly hollers in a masculine voice as she hides behind my back. “I am Blake! King of the monkeys!”

The women looks so confused as Molly giggles behind me. I shake my head and chuckle as she pops her head out from behind my arm.

“Hello!” she says with a wave. “Don’t be afraid. He’s naked because we lost our clothes, not because he’s a pervert. Well, he’s a pervert, but in a good way.”

The women’s eyes roam down my body and their cheeks turn bright pink when they spot my naked cock.

Molly rips a big leaf off a tropical plant and covers my lower half with it.

“Are you two… stuck here?” the woman with glasses asks.

“Our plane crashed a few weeks ago,” Molly says. “His fault.”

“It was not!” I say as she shrugs her shoulders. “Okay, it was a little bit my fault.”

“A few weeks?!” the woman clutching the clipboard to her chest says in horror. “Are you guys okay?”

They hurry over and Molly grabs another leaf to cover herself. She holds it against her body and steps out from behind me.

“Imagine being stuck on a desert island with this gorgeous specimen of a man. How do you think I’m doing?”

Their cheeks start blushing again as they look me over from my big shoulders down to my bare feet.

“I imagine pretty well,” the one with glasses whispers to herself.

“We’ll take you home,” the one with the clipboard says. “We need to take some samples first, but then we’re headed to George Town on Grand Cayman.”

“Sally, we’ll skip the samples!” glasses says. “We need to get them off this island. They probably need to see a doctor.”

“We’re fine,” Molly says. “Take your time and we’ll go back with you when you’re ready.”

They look unsure.

“It’s all good,” I say. “We’ve stayed healthy.”

They look me over again. “Yeah, I can see that,” Sally mumbles. “Very healthy.”

“I’ll go get some clothes for you two,” glasses says as she hurries to the boat. “Sally, you get started on the samples and we’ll all leave in about an hour. Is that okay?”

“An hour is great.”