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It’s gone. Once again, I feel nothing but anger. They are no longer my family. Neither of them deserve that title.

Rami and Mortianna won’t get away with this.

I’ll do whatever it takes to make them pay for their sins.

Turning my body to face the guards, my eyes narrow on each of them. “Send ravens to all the bannermen of IronHaven. If my grandmother wants a war, then that is what she will get.” Without waiting for a response, I take off in search of my brother.

Tristan grabs my arm. “Don’t do anything stupid.”

My head snaps back at him, a hiss leaving my lips.

He steps back, shaking his head, but releases his hold on me.

My heart hammers in my chest.

I’m losing control.

Calm down, Robyn. Get a hold of yourself. Don’t let them see you squirm.

“Please,” he begs. Dominic stands idly by, anxiously waiting for my response.

“Fine.” I sigh, throwing my hands in the air.

Dominic must be pleased with my response because he bows his head to Tristan and takes off.

Tristan and I move through the corridor.

I need answers, and I need them now.

We pass two guards that I recognize. They were watching over my father last night when I went to visit him.

“Guards.” My voice is strong and commanding, booming through the air.

Their feet halt at the sound of my voice.

With a wave of my hand, they follow us into an empty room.

“Did either of you witness my father’s passing or him beingremovedfrom his chambers?” My brows furrow.

They nod, looking nervously between each other.

“I want to know what you saw, and don’t leave a single detail out or Tristan here will cut you down. Do you understand me?” Their eyes go wide, they nod their heads while staring at Tristan, who happens to be gripping his sword tightly.

A half-cocked grin hits my lips. I knew the day would come when he would finally work with me instead of against me.

He’s taking my lead.

Good boy, Tristan of Nowhere. Good boy.

“Sir Oliver, tell us your account of what happened,” Tristan says, addressing the knight by name and giving him a feel of comfort and security.

“After you left, Princess, the queen dowager and a strange healer entered the king’s chambers. We did not see what happened once the doors were closed. A few hours after they left, the night nurse went in to check on your father, and he was notbreathing. One of the guards was leaving to fetch you and the prince when the queen dowager and Prince Ramiro showed up, insisting they be left alone with the king.”

“No one thought it was suspicious that both of them were up in the middle of the night? Right after she leaves his room, the king is dead?”

“Our job isn’t to question the commands from the crown, Princess.” The other guard speaks up.

“Wrong. It is your duty to protect the king, especially when he has fallen ill or been injured,” I snap.