Pretty Little Thief

Author: Ashlee M. Edmonds
Category: Paranormal | Fantasy | Romance
Total pages: 68

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Pretty Little Thief

I’ve never been good at being a princess, but when my father chooses me as his rightful heir over my brother, I hold my head high and prepare myself for what is to come.

Only it is far more deadly than I had anticipated.

My brother is a puppet at my grandmother's mercy. Which leaves us pitted against one another in a fight to rule IronHaven.

He has stolen the throne and tried to steal my life along with it.

With my royal guard, Dominic, Callum, Greyson, and Tristan by my side, I must fight to stay alive for the sake of our Kingdom.

In a war of good and evil, the fate of IronHaven lies with Robyn and her men.

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