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She looks up at him with so much adoration as she swallows every drop of him that I lose it.

I pull her to her knees in front of me as I climb to my feet. Her hands go to the seam of my pants, releasing my hard cock and taking it into her mouth.

“Relax your jaw, sunshine. I’m about to fuck your face.” She hums with excitement, doing exactly what I asked. I should feel bad having her do this after taking Grey. His cock is almost the same size as mine, and I know her jaw has to be hurting, but that only makes me want it more. I want to be the last thing she tastes before we leave this room. Not him. Me.

Gripping the back of her head, I slowly start to fuck her hot mouth. She tries sucking when I hit the back of her throat the first few times. She can’t fit all of me in her mouth, but damn it, I watch as she tries.

My girl has always been up for a challenge, and right now is no different.

She moans around me, and I know I’m not going to last long. I’m too worked up.

My balls drag up, and before I have the chance to warn her... I’m coming down her throat.

“Good girl,” I say to her as she licks every bit of cum from me. She looks up at me, running her tongue over her lips with pure joy in her eyes.

Where did this girl come from? She’s a fucking queen, and she doesn’t even realize it.

“Do you feel better now, sunshine?” I ask, pulling her to her feet.

Her eyes meet mine as she leans forward, placing a kiss on my lips. I dip my tongue inside her the moment she opens. I’mpleasantly surprised at how delicious we taste. The taste of her pussy lingers on my tongue while the remnants of Grey and I dance on hers.

I pull back, releasing her, and she gets up and walks to Grey, kissing him softly. “Thank you.” Her voice is soft and sweet.

This is not how I pictured today going, but damn, if I’m not happy about it.

I guess I have Grey to thank for that as well.Pushy fucker.Seems he’s thrown out all his morals that he’s fought to protect. Anytime one of us stepped out of line with her, he was there calling us out. Now look at him, commanding me to do the very thing he swore not to do.

She steps back, and Grey does his best to make her look presentable. She looks freshly fucked, but there’s not much we can do about that. People will overlook the tear streaks painting her face given what today is.

We move to step out of the room. Tristan stands there, taking the three of us in before giving us a knowing look as he chuckles and shakes his head.

Tristan and the princess step away, but Grey slams a hand to my chest, stopping me.

“For all of our benefit, you need to learn to share, Cal.” He turns and walks away, leaving me standing there with my mouth gaping open.

So this isn’t just a one off, he wants us to share her.

But how the fuck would that even work? I don’t have time to think about it because we are heading straight for King Rian’s funeral.

I’ve never been the sharing type, but for her, I might have to give it a try. I’d given up the dream of having a wife and a family the moment I dedicated my life to protecting the princess, but how could they ask me to share the one woman whose name is etched into my soul? These three men who fight by my side havebecome brothers over the years, but the thought of them with Robyn enrages me. Is this really what she wants?




The funeral is held inside the great hall. Rami is waiting for me to take my place by his side as we enter the room. I look around,tension bubbling inside me, noticing that Mortianna still hasn’t made an appearance.

There’s no way she would miss the opportunity to be the grieving mother for everyone to see. This is her moment to shine.

I narrow my eyes at Rami, who pays me no mind. He doesn’t even bother to acknowledge my presence as I take my place beside him.

The guys stand off to the side, but Dominic still hasn’t returned from his search for my grandmother. My stomach coils tight, wondering where he might be and what’s taking him so long.

The entire room is filled with people waiting to pay their respects to the fallen king. Rami begins his speech as I search the crowd for any sign of Dom and take note of the people in attendance. There’s several faces missing, many of which are lords and bannermen.

“Princess Robyn, is there anything you’d like to add?” my brother asks. Given the fact I missed his entire speech, I’ll probably end up making a fool of myself by repeating something he already stated, but I don’t care. This is my time to honor my father, so I’m going to take it.