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“Well, which one should we take?” I ask looking at each passage.

Cal and Grey look around the chamber, trying to figure out the best option. “Do you think they are still down here?” Grey asks.

“No idea, but we don’t have time to sit around and wait,” Callum says.

“The stables are east of Windemere, assuming each of these lead a straight path, we should take one of these three. Pick one, and let’s get a move on,” I tell them.

They stand quietly, trying to pick which one to go down. “We could just stay here. I doubt King Naveen will be hanging around much longer after the warm welcome he received,” Cal jokes.

Grey’s head snaps back, leveling Cal with a look of anger and disgust. Cal holds his hands in the air, stepping away. “Too soon.” He looks to me, and I try my best to bury every ounce of emotion. “I’m sorry, Princess. I wasn’t thinking,” he says, sadly.

I shut my eyes and push down the panic that’s trying to break free. I don’t have time to let myself think about what just happened. We need to get out of here.

I square my shoulders, standing tall. One look at the guys tells me they aren’t making a decision anytime soon. “Forheaven’s sake,” I huff, walking toward the center tunnel. “Let’s go,” I say to them.

Once again, Grey moves in front of me, giving us light to see. We walk for several minutes before reaching the end of the tunnel. There’s a small passage leading up more stairs.

A kick of nervousness flows through me as Greyson pushes open the door, revealing the outer courtyard near the stables. “Run straight to the stables, Robyn. Don’t stop for anything,” Grey says to me over his shoulder.

We climb out of the hidden passage and find Tristan and Dom peaking around the castle wall.

Dom whips his head around, placing a finger to his lips as he moves toward us. He gives me a tight grin, pulling me into his arms. “King Naveen’s guard is out here searching for you, Princess. We heard them shouting through the castle and made our way to find you, hoping you would be here.”

“We need to get her to the stables before they find us,” Cal adds.

Tristan walks over. “That’s going to be difficult. The moment we step around this corner, they will see us,” he responds with a frown. He looks me over, assessing my appearance. The worry lines etched in his forehead deepen. “Are you okay?” I shut my eyes and give him a nod, avoiding his stare when I open them again. His eyes narrow on me, then he turns to Cal and Greyson. “What the fuck happened?” They stay silent for a beat.

“The princess can tell you, if and when she’s ready.” Dom and Tristan both scowl at that response. They don’t like being out of the loop, but as of now, no one knows what happened in that room except me. By the look Greyson gave me, I know he’s assuming the worst, and he’s right, but I haven’t confirmed or denied anything. I’m not ready for that yet.

Every time we stop moving, I can feel him inside of me, the weight of him on top of me, and the breath being suckedfrom my lungs when he entered me without permission. Like right now. Standing here thinking about it is making me uncomfortable. I shift on my feet, trying to feel something besides the disgusting kick of pain and guilt barreling its way through me.

“Can we move? I-I can’t. I can’t sit here any longer,” I plead, fighting back tears, on the verge of breaking.

“They’re over here!” Someone shouts in the distance.

My eyes go wide as my fear spikes. We take off running, my feet pound the ground, and suddenly, I’m thankful for the grueling training the guys put me through.

“Stop them!” I hear King Naveen’s thundering voice, and goosebumps trickle across my skin. I gasp for air, my lungs screaming for oxygen, but I keep moving.

We are halfway across the courtyard when a few of Naveen’s guards cut us off. Greyson and Dominic stop, squaring off with the men. “Go! Get her out of here!” Dom shouts.

Callum grabs my arm as we race toward the stables. IronHaven guards join the fight against King Naveen’s men, and a sense of relief washes over me.

We reach the stable entrance, and Tristan pulls me to a halt.

“Make sure she gets to safety,” Tristan says to Cal. He leans forward, places a chaste kiss to my lips, and turns his back on us to join the fight.

Cal arches a brow before pulling me behind him through the doors.

“Hurry, sunshine. We don’t have long,” Cal says, heading to his stead while I go in search of Koa. She’s ready and waiting for me when I enter her stable. Koa is saddled with two small bags hanging over each of her sides.

There’s a long forest green and black hooded cape hanging on the wall, and just below it sits my bow and quiver.

They really thought of everything.

Quickly putting on the cape and tying it in the front, I sling my quiver over my head and under an arm so it sits perfectly at my back, then I slide my arm through the bow so it sits on my shoulder. Mounting Koa, I look up to find Cal already waiting for me, and we take off through the back of the stables.

We circle around the stables, riding the edge of the courtyard. My eyes seek out my guys. I need to know they are alright.