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“OK, so here’s the deal—I know you’ve got your hospital that you like in Denver, but I don’t think we should risk the drive.”

“Are you serious? What do you want to do then, have me deliver the girls on the side of the road?”

She shook her head. “Have you heard of Pitt Medical?”

“Kind of. They’re some big private health care firm based out of Denver. I looked into them when I was checking out places for prenatal care, but I ended up going with one of the big hospitals instead.”

“Right. I know they’re private, but they havetonsof locations around here. And they’ve even got one for the Evergreen area that just opened like two months ago. It’s small and you won’t have to wait forever to get in.”

I tensed a bit at the idea. “I don’t know… I kind of like First Jewish.”

“We can go there. But I checked Google Maps on the way here and there’s an accident on the road leading to town… drive time is even longer than normal. I know it’s not ideal to go to a place you’re not familiar with, but I think it’s the right call.”

“But what about my OB? My OB won’t come to Evergreen.”

Haley nodded. “True, but if your water’s already broken, I don’t think we have time babe. Better to get you somewhere safe, quickly. It’s a hospital. I’m sure they’ll have an OB on staff.”

I pursed my lips, deliberating. Right as I did, however, another contraction hit hard. I let out a pained groan as I grabbed onto the door handle and center console. The pain was sharp and so intense that I could barely hear Haley yelling to ask if I was OK.

She pulled over and stopped, the orange glow of downtown Evergreen’s streetlights overhead.

“OK,” she said once the pain had started. “When’s the last time you had a contraction?”

“Um, fifteen minutes ago, I think.”

She nodded with total certainty. “Then we’re going to the local hospital. Last thing either of us wants is to get stuck in traffic, right? Especially since these little ones are ready to come out.”

In the midst of the uncertainty, I wanted something familiar.

Haley was right, however. Getting stuck in traffic in the middle of labor with early twins was the last thing I wanted.

“OK, let’s go.”

She nodded again before wordlessly pulling the car back onto the road. Downtown Evergreen was as sleepy as it always was at night, all of the businesses closed except for the Red Mug Diner, the wide windows giving me a look at the handful of patrons seated inside.

“I know this isn’t how you wanted the birth to go, but the place is only a few minutes away. And I saw these ads for it, it’s super nice and modern. Oh! And they had the lead doctor in the ads too… he’s sexy as hell.”

I laughed, my hands on my belly. “That’s the last thing on my mind right now.”

“But it doesn’t hurt, right?” she asked with a grin.

We drove down the main drag of town. I sent a text to Mom and Dad, letting them know what was going on, that I was going into labor, and I wouldn’t be having the kids at First Jewish like I’d planned. Mom got back to me right away, letting me know they were packing and heading over that instant.

I felt a lot better. Haley was at the wheel, and Mom and Dad were on their way.

It didn’t take long before we pulled up to the Pitt Medical facility. Even from the outside, I could tell it was something special. Most private care facilities seemed to be designed to be about as drab and depressing as possible, the building's big blocks usually situated in strip malls.

This small hospital was different. It had an all-glass front allowing a clear view in to the sleek, modern interior of white furniture and green plants. It was almost futuristic looking, without being cold and sterile. Just the sight of it put me at ease, made me feel like I was in good hands.

Haley came to a stop out front. A pair of nurses—one male, one female—were there waiting for us. They were dressed in white scrubs which somehow managed to be fashionable, even for that kind of wear.

“She’s in labor with twins and they’re about seven weeks early,” Haley said.

The female nurse nodded, bringing over a wheelchair to the side of the car. Haley opened the door, and the male nurse helped me out.

“Easy,” he said, his voice calm and soothing. “Let’s get you out and into the chair and we’ll take care of the rest. OK?”


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