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He wheeled me to the entrance while Haley filled the other nurse in on all the details. I was soon in the lobby of the hospital, and it was somehow more calming and beautiful inside than out.

“Don’t worry about paperwork and all that,” the nurse said over her shoulder. “First priority is getting your babies delivered, we’ll take care of the rest later.”

“And if you don’t have insurance, that’s fine,” the male nurse added. “We’re more than happy to work with you.”

I had insurance, but all the same it was reassuring to hear that this place wasn’t jumping down my throat about forms and payment. I was soon in a delivery room, spacious and clean, the windows looking out onto the big courtyard park in the middle of the building. A small team of nurses helped me out of the wheelchair and into the big bed. Haley set my bag on one of the chairs and came to my side.

“Dr. Ecomides will be taking care of you,” the male nurse said with a smile. “He’s on his way.”

“Ecomides?” Haley asked. “That’s an interesting last name.”

“It’s Greek,” said another nurse. “And don’t worry—he’s one of the best doctors I’ve ever worked with.”

Greek. Of course, that got me thinking about Alex.

Haley stayed at my side holding my hand while the nurse team did the rest to get me situated and ready. Mom sent me a text letting me know they were stuck behind an accident, and it would be an hour or so before they got in.

A deep voice sounded out through the buzzing of nurses around me, one that sounded strangely familiar.

“Georgia Lang?” he asked.

The nurses parted, and I was given a full view of the Greek doctor who’d be taking care of me.

My jaw dropped when I realized it wasn’t just any Greek doctor, it wasmyGreek doctor.

Alex, the man I’d been thinking about for almost a year, stood in front of me with an expression of slight confusion on his face.

“Georgia? It’s…you.”

Chapter 14


It was her.

It wasreallyher.

Instead of wearing a light dress and sipping a cocktail in a Greek bar, she was in a medical gown with her legs in stirrups, her belly huge with twins. She still looked as beautiful as the day we’d met.

She was stunning, in fact. So much so that all I could do at first was stand and stare.

“Doctor?” Melanie, one of my lead nurses asked. “Are you alright?”

Georgia stared at me with the same stunned expression that I surely had on my face. It was as if the rest of the world melted away in that moment, only the two of us remaining.


Melanie’s voice brought me back to the present. Insane as the reunion was, I had a job to do.

“I’m fine, thanks,” I answered. “Let’s clear this place out a little while I go over her information. You and Sam stay and make sure the room’s in order for a birth. Something tells me it’s going to happen soon.”

Melanie nodded. “You heard the doctor,” she said, speaking to the half-dozen staff in the room. “The rest of you, stay nearby in case we need some extra hands.”

“Thanks, Mel.”

One more nod before she and Sam went to work getting the room set up. Georgia and I went right back to staring at one another, my heart racing like it hadn’t since that first night.

“Is something wrong?” the woman with Georgia asked. She was slender and pretty, about Georgia’s age, and was regarding the scene with total confusion.