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“Nothing’s wrong,” Georgia said. “Just…”

I smiled, stepping forward and offering my hand. “I think it’s well past time that you and I are formally introduced. My name is Alex, Dr. Alex Ecomides.”

She smiled as she took my hand. The sensation of her skin against mine was electric. I could hardly think straight, my cock twitching in my scrubs.

“Georgia Lang. Though I’m sure you’ve got all that and more on your sheet.”

I chuckled. “Hadn’t taken a thorough look at it yet. I see that we’ve got twins here, and contractions about fifteen minutes apart.”

“That’s right.” A strange expression crossed her face, as if there were more to it that she didn’t quite want to say or know how to say. “I’m not the doctor here, but I think they’re really,reallyeager to come out.”

I smiled again. “That’s what I’m here for, whatwe’rehere for.” I swept my hand toward Melanie and Sam, both still in the room making preparations for the delivery. “I’m going to step out into the hall for a moment and page our on-call OB, alright?”

She matched my smile with one of her own. “Sure.”

I nodded to Melanie and hurried out, stepping just outside of the delivery room and shutting the door.

Melanie offered a small smile. “I’ve never seen you smile like that before, Doc. I was starting to wonder if youeversmiled, in fact.”

“Oh, come on—I’m notthatserious.”

She chuckled. “You looked at the patient like you knew her. Do you?”

How could I describe the situation without getting into too much detail?

“We… met on vacation in Greece. Hit it off. But that was a while back.”

“That’s all I’m going to get?”

I gave a small smile. “Yep.”

“Ok, want me to page Dr. Schmidt?”

“I’ll take care of that. Look after the patient please.”

She regarded me with a skeptical expression, as if she could sense that I had ulterior reasons for wanting to stay out in the hall.

“You got it, Doc.”

She winked before heading back inside, leaving me alone. The second I was by myself with my thoughts, I began the mental calculations. It’d been nearly eight months since my vacation to Greece, back at the beginning of the previous summer. Nine months was a standard pregnancy, but this wasn’t one of those. Georgia was having twins, and they were coming early.

My heart skipped a beat as I realized that the timing worked… there was a good chance that the twins were mine. I tried to keep myself in check. For all I knew, she’d been with other men around that time. Still, the odds were better than good that I was about to help deliver my own kids.

I paged our on-call OB, Dr. Schmidt.

A cry of pain sounded from the delivery room—Georgia was having another contraction.

I hurried inside, rushing over to her as the contraction hit.

“Ok Georgia, I’ve paged our OB, but I’d really like to check you and see how dilated you are. Are you okay with that?”

She nodded her head.

I stepped to the end of the bed and did my examination. She was already dilated to nine centimeters.

I’d been sure that the babies were going to arrive soon, but it seemed as if they were coming even faster than I’d anticipated.

“Alright,” I said, standing up and speaking to Georgia. “You’re already dilated to nine. I don’t think these babies are going to wait for Dr. Schmidt. I’m going to have to deliver them. Don’t worry, I’ve delivered several babies in my career. I assure you that you and your children are in good hands.”

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