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“Because I was your temp?”

“Because you’re mine, Bristol.”

I stop breathing.Or maybe it’s my heart that stops.Or is it racing?I can’t tell.All I know is that it feels incredible.“Yours?”


“That’s—” My voice breaks into a whisper.“That’s kind of hot.”

“Good.Because it’s kind of true.”Will turns us, pinning me up against the stainless steel front of his fridge.Blue-green eyes take in my face, heating up every place they land.“It’s really fucking true.”

Then he kisses me, and there’s nothing rough about it.He’s gentle, but possessive.Like I’mhis.

That gentleness is only a little gift.He can give it to me because I belong to him.

And because I belong to him, he doesn’t have to hide, or hold back.Will pushes me harder against the fridge, and his softness disappears.



I have to fuck her.

Couldn’t do it last night.Not when she needed me to take care of her.That felt so good I dreamed about it.

This will feel even better, now that I was so patient.

I come up for air and bunch the hem of Bristol’s shirt in my fist.“I love this on you.”

“You love your shirt on me?”She’s pink and breathless, and that word—love—makes me want to say it back, which is beyond the pale.I strip the shirt over her head and drop it.

“On second thought, it’s better on the floor.”

I go for her pants next.Mypants.I didn’t necessarily put them out for her—I was wearing them, and then it was time to get the twins ready for school.Had to be dressed for that.

Bristol’s not wearing panties.

As soon as I have the pants off, she’s naked.Naked and soft and perfect.

“Holy fuck.”

Bristol reaches for the collar of my shirt.I put my hand around her throat before she can get there and use her neck to pull her away from the fridge.She doesn’t struggle when I bend her over, my elbow braced on the countertop and her back making the prettiest arch I’ve ever seen.I run my palm over the curve of her ass.Skim the spot where her ass meets her thighs with my fingertips.

She turns her head to look at me, but I don’t let her move too far.My blood has already started a riot in every one of my veins.

I pat her ass.“I want to hurt this.”

Bristol shudders, her eyes going dark.“How much?”

I take her hand and put it on the front of my jeans, over my cock.“This much.”

More.I’ve wanted to do this to Bristol since she walked into my office on her first day at Summit.We’ve always been surrounded by other people.That’s how it is in the city.The soundproofing between floors and units in my building is good enough that nobody’s going to hear, but you know what would be really nice?A house.With a yard around it.Walls I could soundproof to the very limit of my money.

“Is that all you want?”It might be the hottest thing she’s ever said, just from the way she asks.It’s an open invitation.

“No.”I put her hand back on the countertop.“That’s just where I want to start.”Soon, I’m not going to have the self-control to stop.For now, I bend and kiss her temple.“Can I turn your ass red, Bristol?I want to see tears in your eyes.They’re so fucking pretty.”

“Yes.As long as…” She pauses, her face going as scarlet as I want her ass to be.“As long as you say it again.”