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I stay close.Nip her earlobe.“I can do whatever I want with you, because you’re mine.”

She lets out a shaky breath, and I flex my fingers around her throat, holding her in place.

Then I bring my hand down on her ass.

It’s my good hand, unfortunately for Bristol.Her first gasp turns to a yelp, then anoh my God.She pinches her lips closed on five and six, trying to keep the sound in.

“No.I want to hear you when we’re alone.”

After ten, I stop counting and concentrate on the color of her ass.Pink.Dark pink.Even darker.

“Will.I want—”

A few more, just to see the tears in her eyes.“Tell me.”

“I think I should quit.At Hughes.I think I should be here for the twins.And if my dad—”

I tighten my grip on her throat.“You’ll still be my corporate whore if you don’t go to the office.I have expectations, Ms.Anderson.I expect you to stay here and get on your knees whenever I want.Bend over whenever I say.Be good while I fuck your throat, or your pussy, or your ass, whenever I say.”

“Are you sure?Because I—”

“You can quit your job when I’m finished with you.Does it feel like I’m done yet?”


“That’s because I’m not.”

Bristol gasps and shivers and moans in a hot, despairing way.She plants her feet on the kitchen floor and spreads her thighs.Fuck, she’s perfect.Fuck, she’s mine.Her ass is definitely red when I turn her face to mine and look at her eyes through a haze of animal lust.One tear drips down her cheek.A second one.

I pull her upright and lick them off.

She throws her arms around my neck and kisses me so hard we end up by another stretch of countertop.This one’s crowded with bowls, and I sweep them all onto the floor with one arm.

Bristol gasps again.“Oh, no.”

“Oh, yes.”I pick her up and sit her on the countertop.

She whines a little at the pressure on her ass, but that turns into another moan when I push her thighs apart and get on my knees.

Bristol’s dripping.

I kiss up the inside of her thigh until I’m hovering an inch away from her sweet, perfect pussy.Her hands come down to rest in my hair, tentative and shy, like I haven’t just spanked her until she was ready to come.

“There’s something you should know about me.”She makes a low sound at my conversational tone, and I lick her slit with the tip of my tongue, then tease her hole.“I probably should have made it clear before we fucked, but at the time, I was…distracted.”

I lick her again, thinking of how hot she was when I was railing her in my office.When she was on her knees under my desk.When I spread her out on the conference room table.

This is better.

I lick her with more concentration, moving my focus to her clit.

Bristol, here in my apartment because she wants to be, not because she owes me a damn thing, is better.Tasting her this way is hotter when I have nothing to hold over her.

I’m about to come in my jeans.

I pull my face away from her pussy, just an inch, and Bristol whines.She tries to pull me back by my hair.

“The fact is…” Honestly, she should be impressed that I sound so collected when she’s about to break my neck if it means she can get my mouth back on her clit.“I’m not a man who likes to deny myself the best things life can offer.”

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