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My soul erupts out of my body.My release locks me up, my body against hers, and pins me there.I have never, not even with Bristol, come this hard in my life.

Could pass out on the floor, really.My mind’s going with the rest.I’ll never get it back.Everything I have is Bristol’s now.



The first placewe go from the kitchen is straight back to bed.Will says something about a power nap, I think.By the time he pulls the covers up over me, I’m mostly asleep.

It’s dark and dreamless and wonderful.The next thing I’m aware of is his body curled around mine, completely relaxed.

Then a gentle alarm.

He’s out of bed first, and I roll toward his empty spot.“How long did we sleep?”

“Twenty minutes.”

“What?It felt like…I don’t know.Hours.”

“I told you it was a power nap.Those only last twenty minutes.”

I get a glimpse of his sheepish, vulnerable expression, and then he flips the blankets to the end of the bed and takes me to the shower with him.

Will runs his hands through my hair under the hot water.One corner of his mouth tilts down.I know what that’s about.

“It was really nice last night.In the bath, I mean.”

“Was it?”

“Yes.”Will in the shower is art.The droplets cling to hard muscles and form little points of light in his hair.“I’m good now, though.You could just fuck me, if you—”

He has my back against the wall and my legs around his hips before I can think of the rest of the sentence, much less say it.Cold skims my spine from the shower tiles.It feels incredible on my skin, still overheated from the kitchen sex, but nothing feels as good as Will.His hands on me.His face in the curve of my neck.His cock pushing inside until—yes, there—

When I’ve come twice and he’s come hard, driving me into the shower wall, he puts me back on my feet and reaches for the shampoo.I try to bat his hands away.“I can do it.Probably faster than you.”

“Not better than me.”He holds the shampoo above my head until I laugh at him and a bright flush spreads across his cheeks, which he completely fails to hide with his scowl.

I dry my hair at his bathroom counter, then find him out in the kitchen.There’s zero evidence of the mess he made when he knocked all those bowls onto the floor.

“You’re too fast.I would’ve helped you.”

Will pushes the button to start the dishwasher and meets my eyes with a smile.“Didn’t need help.”

Whew.He’s just standing in the kitchen, and I want to drag him into the bedroom.

Not yet.

“So I thought, since the twins are in school, I should probably go check on my dad.”

“Right.”Will’s brow furrows.“My brothers are on their way over.I thought I should—I don’t know.I thought the three of us should sit down.”He waves a hand in the air.“And talk.I can do it another time.”

“No, don’t.I’ll be fine at the hospital.My dad might not feel well enough to talk, and I don’t want to tire him out too much.It shouldn’t take too long.”

Will narrows his eyes.“I should be there with you.”

“Come with me for the next visit.I really think you should talk to your brothers.”

Another scowl.He swipes his phone from the countertop and sends what looks like a pretty terse text, judging by how hard he taps the screen.“Fine.Donovan’s driving you.He’ll accompany you into the building.They’re here.”

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