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Bristol succeeds in yanking my face back to her pussy.I reward her with my tongue on her clit.It’s what I did with the pad of my thumb last night, but with more force and pressure.

I only pull back when her thighs start to lock around my head.Bristol makes panting, desperate noises, clutching at me to the point I have to hold her knees apart with both hands.

“I like big risks and big payoffs.”I want the sight of her above me burned into my brain.I never want to forget her lips swollen and her eyes still bright from years and her entire expression pleading with me to keep going.I press a kiss to her clit.“And you’re the biggest payoff.”

“And.”Her fingers clench in my hair.“And the biggest risk.”

I close my mouth over her clit and suck and lick and hum until Bristol’s ass starts to tip over the edge of the countertop.More of her weight balances on my face, and I don’t care.It lets me lick her deeper.She keeps herself from falling when her thighs tighten and she arches her back with a whimper that turns intoWill Will Willas she comes.

I lick up as much of her sweetness as I can before the rush of blood in my body rockets up to my head and wipes out whatever civilized impulses I had left.

I’m on my feet, my heart pounding, before I realize I’ve decided to stand.I pin Bristol onto the countertop with my hips and tear my shirt over my head.The reasonable part of me I’ve just kicked to the curb asks me why the hell I’m wasting time taking off my shirt when the zipper on my jeans is all that matters.

The unreasonable parts of me doesn’t want anything between us.Not denim.Not air.Nothing.

I’m on her as soon as the jeans land on the floor, my socks pulled off in the process.My skin is supersensitive.Her hands are so soft it takes my breath away, and her fingernails—fuck.So sharp.Feels good.Hurts.I push inside her, burying myself in one stroke, because I can’t figure out how to survive if I do it any other way.

Bristol’s fingertips dig into my chest, and then she slides her hands up to my neck.She threads her fingers behind my head.

And then she moves, and that’s it.She wins.Because the slow roll of her hips against mine is like nothing I’ve ever felt.Maybe it’s her face.The way she’s tipped her head back, showing off her neck to me.Her lips, parted while she pants.Her eyes half-closed.I’ve never seen a person more unselfconscious than this.I’ve never thought to let a woman search for contact like this.I wouldn’t have allowed it.

Fuckme,it feels good.Like heat and pressure and something lifting away.She’s a perfect fit.Not just her body, but everything.

I fuck Bristol with deeper, slower strokes so she can keep moving her hips like that.My cock is in the sweet vise of her muscles but all my thoughts seem to have disconnected themselves from my brain.I swear, I can feel individual nerves firing.They’re like sparks, or like fireworks.

Things just…stop mattering.

One by one, the items on the list that runs through my mind every second of every day drop off and land somewhere else like the clothes I abandoned on my kitchen floor.Some of them are such old, habitual worries that they disconnect themselves like they know they’ll be back.

Then it’s just me, fucking Bristol, all nerves and heart and nothing to hide behind.No fancy clothes.No apartment.Doesn’t matter that we’re standing in it, because it’s a million miles away.Anything that’s not close enough to touch doesn’t count.

I’m not some imitation of the kind of decent guy who’d live in this apartment.

I’m just me.That’s it.

I want to bite her, so I thread my fingers through Bristol’s hair and tilt her head to the side.My left hand keeps her on the countertop.I put my mouth on her skin.I don’t plan to lick the curve where her shoulder meets her neck.I just do.

I bite her there, too.That makes Bristol clench tight around me.So does licking my own bite marks.

It’s selfish, though, because she’s still looking for more pleasure.I could spend my life doing this.However much she wants.

Both my hands go to her hips.

“Will,” she whispers.She’s trembling, hot, and lets me take over for her.I work my hips close to hers, giving her clit as much contact as I can.


I can’t hold out.

Not much longer.This weekend lasted a lifetime, and this is the end.This is the proof.Us.Here.

Bristol’s breath catches.She’s close, the tight muscles around my cock squeezing, squeezing again.

“Come on my cock, sweetheart.I have to—fuck.I’m not asking you.I’m telling you.There’s no choice.You have to give it to me.That’s what it means to be mine.”

That’s what does it.Bristol’s mouth opens a little wider, and my toes curl at the sound that comes out of her mouth.I’ll never be able to describe it.It’s viscerally sexy.

The pleasure of that sound shoots down to the tips of my toes and bounces back up, and that’s it.That’s how long I could wait.I’ve been on the edge since she stepped into the shower.