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He breaks away, and it’s all I can do not to grab for his shirt.Will’s across the room in a matter of strides, and then he’s through the bathroom door and out of sight.

“Bed, Bristol.”

I run to the bed and climb on, my heart beating hard.I don’t know how he wants me tobeon the bed.He’s fucked me in quite a few positions.Maybe he’ll want my face in the pillows.Maybe he’ll want me to hold the headboard.

On my back is probably a safe bet, so I rest my head on the pillows and take deep, steady breaths.

I turn my head at the sound of his footsteps.

Will’s naked.

With…nothing in his hands.No clamps.No other toys.I can’t figure out what it means.Not with my mind overtaken by how gorgeous he is.I’m never going to get over it.He catches me watching and the corner of his mouth turns up.

Then he’s on the bed with me.Angling himself over me.Propping himself up on his elbows.

“I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone,” he says.

“Same to you, Mr.Leblanc.”

He doesn’t tease me about being a corporate whore.He drops a kiss to my collarbone, then another, then works his way down to one nipple.I expect a bite, or a pinch, but his tongue circles it until it’s peaked, then circles some more.He moves on to the other nipple and repeats.

I like when he bites.The contrast between imagining his teeth sinking into my skin and the reality of his tongue—gentle, but possessive—is doing something to my brain.This is probably what a monthlong beach vacation would feel like.

No.It wouldn’t be as good.

Will kisses down and down, making a short pause at my belly button, then going lower.I’m low on oxygen and high on emotion and what must be every good chemical a human body can make.I push myself up on my elbows in that haze and just about drown under another wave of pure, hot want, because Will’s head is between my thighs.He’s blond and tousled and looking down at my pussy like he’s seeing God.

Maybe he is.

I’m going to watch him, watch every second of this, but then he lowers his face and his tongue meets my clit and my elbows are jelly.

I can feel his impatience in every flex of his arms around my thighs, but I can feel his patience, too.I can feel how hungry he is for this, for taking and licking and owning, and how determined he is not to rush.A tiny, ineffective part of me wants to ask him what happened, what he’s doing, why he’s so different.

Except I’m not sure heisdifferent.He could be more himself.Does that make any sense?I don’t care if it does.This is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever stretched out on, and it pales in comparison to the man who gives my clit a little suck, then adds more pressure with his tongue until I can’t see the ceiling of the beautiful beach mansion he bought for me and then had renovated in—what, a week?

Pleasure arcs all along my hips and my spine and up through my heart.Will might be trying something different—I would be gentle for you, I would try, but I can’tfloats into my head in his voice—but he’s not any less possessive or thorough.He doesn’t pay any less attention.He makes a hundred tiny changes until the air in my lungs lights up, too, and the pleasure peaks like a warm wave.I feel thrashed by it.He holds my thighs tighter and keeps holding until I’ve come all the way back to my body.

His hands are trembling again.

Will kisses the crease at my thigh one more time and crawls up over me.He’s hard.Leaking.His tip bumps into my belly and leaves a cool spot of evaporation on my skin.

I reach between us, but he catches my wrist in his hand and kisses my knuckles.“Okay.”He takes a deep breath.“Okay.”


The stripped-down emotion in his eyes bowls me over.“I’m sorry I pushed you away in the kitchen.I shouldn’t have done that.”

My heartbreak is cushioned by the hum ofgood, more, that was so goodin every nerve.“I’m sorry I took you by surprise.”

“Don’t be sorry.”His hips press into mine and he lets out a shallow breath.I feel that sound in my bones.He wants to move and let his mind turn off.Will readjusts with a little noise of frustration, spreading my thighs in the process and nudging into my opening.He licked me so well that I’m basically just nerves.The size of him still feels new.

Itisnew.We’ve never had sex like this.Usually, Willfucks.This is different.A side of him I’ve never met but that I desperately want to know.I want all the sides of him.The man who bites and hurts and the man who lets his feelings show on his face even when he doesn’t want to.

“Christ,” he whispers.I put my heels at the small of his back and pull him all the way in.Good.Yes.The weight of him is so good.The size of him.He rests his forehead against mine, his arms propped on either side of my head, fingertips brushing my cheekbones, my temples.One roll of his hips, and he braces himself.“Do it again.”

I’m pretty sure my heart stops.“What?”

“Do it again.I’m not going to be surprised this time.”