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“I love you.”

The thrill of hearing it, and the joy, and the won-the-lottery-feeling of hearing him say it is so intense that the room spins.Or I spin us.I’m not sure how it happens, but I find myself on top of him, leaning down to kiss him.It changes his angle inside me and I wriggle back on it, just because it feels so, so good.

Will catches my face in his hands and pulls me down for another kiss.He’s wearing the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face.“Did you like that, sweetheart.”

“I loved it.I loveyou.” The playful energy burns into something hotter.Will must see it in my eyes, because his face reflects it back to me.“I love you.”

“Prove it.”His hands go to my hips and he moves them, working me over his cock.

I plant my palms on his chest and move with those big, strong hands.Everything else fades away.No more world, just Will.He’s all mine now, and with every roll of my hips, I see more of him.

I see all of him.

An old version of me probably would have been embarrassed to lean in close and watch him while I ride him with everything I have.And never in a million years would I have reached down to circle my clit with my fingertips just to see how he’d look.

His grip tightens on my hips.“Fuck.Yes.Come on my cock.Make yourself do it.”

“Does it.”We need extra air in here.Or he just needs to kiss me again.“Feel good?”

“Feels so good, Bristol.You feel so good.So tight.Fuck.There—” I tip over the edge, and his hand comes up to my chin, holding my face where he wants it, watching until he snaps.

Then his arms are around me in a tight, tight hug while he fucks me through a long release that I feel in every inch of my body and every inch of his.“I love you,” he breathes, still shaking.“Never leave.”



Now that I’mso close to everything I’ve ever wanted, the remaining cracks in my life are more obnoxious than ever.They’re the last ties to whatever the hell I was doing before.

I don’t want before.I want now.I want forever.

It’s strange to admit it, even in my head, but it’s the only thing that sounds right.I want forever with Bristol, and forever’s not going to have shady criminals and uncertainty about the megacorp I’m supposed to work for hanging over it like a beach day.Ideally, we’ll find out where her Dad is so he’s not just wandering the country and getting into trouble.

And then there’s my mom.

Another conversation with her wouldn’t hurt.At least, it wouldn’t hurt the way I’m used to.Em deserves a chance to talk to her, too.

I wake up early and climb the stairs to the second floor.

The twins are already awake.Quiet voices come from Mia’s room.Her window looks over the backyard, which ends in a retaining wall.Sand after that, then ocean.

“He’s been out there for a long time.”Ben sounds envious.“Do you think he’s cold?”

“No.Remember those suits?It wasn’t cold in the water.”

“Yeah, but it’s really early.It could be colder.”

A short pause.

Ben gasps.“How did hedothat?”

“I don’t know.Do you think…” There’s a rustle, like blankets moving.“Do you think Will would teach us?”

“He probably will.Do you want me to ask?”

“I can ask.”