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Josie’s mouth was fucking magic.

She sucked on his cock, taking him all the way inside her mouth, until she was almost gagging, but then, she’d pull him till just the tip was inside. Her tongue would trace across his little hole. He closed his eyes, counting to ten, every time it got a little too much. The last thing he wanted to do was explode in her mouth. Not that it would be a bad thing to happen. It wasn’t how he wanted their first time together to end.

He gripped her head, pulling her off his cock as he sunk to the floor, taking possession of her mouth. Kissing her hard and deep, he plunged his tongue into her mouth. Running his hand down her body, he pressed between her thighs, touching her pussy. She was soaking wet. This woman was a dream come fucking true. He couldn’t believe it. She was his dream.

Sliding his fingers between her slit, he touched her clit, then glided down, to push two of his digits deep inside her cunt. Another moan escaped her lips. He loved the sound coming from her mouth. So perfect.

Elijah kissed those lips again, swallowing the sound. Breaking from the kiss, he trailed down toward her neck, nibbling at her pulse. Another gasp fell from her mouth, and he couldn’t resist her tits. They were just as beautiful as he thought they would be. Heavy with nice big nipples, just how he liked his women. Those tits were made to be sucked. Flicking his tongue across each peak, he slid across the valley, going toward her second breast.

Nibbling on the flesh, he let go of her pussy to cup both of her tits, pressing them together. The scent of her pussy filled the air and his mouth watered. After kissing each nipple in turn, he trailed his lips down toward her pussy. Josie spread her legs for him, and he pressed his face against her core, licking and sucking at her clit. She nearly came off the ground.

He held onto her hips, keeping her still as he licked her cunt. She tasted so fucking sweet. Letting go of her clit, he trailed down toward her entrance, and started to thrust his tongue inside her. Fucking her.

She pressed down on his tongue, and he knew he wanted her to come before he tried to fuck her. With just his tongue and fingers, he knew she was tight. Pushing both fingers back inside her cunt, he slid his tongue back to her clit and began to tease her, drawing out an orgasm, wanting to hear her scream.

“Come on, baby,” he said, mumbling the words close to her pussy. “Come for me.”

She gasped and he felt the change inside her as her pussy started to pulse around his fingers. He couldn’t help but smile as with a few flicks of his tongue, she came hard and fast. His name echoed around the room.

And that was how it was supposed to be. She sounded exactly as he imagined she would. Like she belonged to him, and the truth was, she fucking did belong to him. He didn’t want her to forget it.

Kissing his way up her body, he gripped his hard prick and pressed the tip to her entrance. Sliding through her slick slit, he waited, staring into her startling blue eyes. He waited in case she had the sense to say no. She spread her legs wide for him. He moved down toward her entrance, lining the tip of his dick with her, and then, inch by inch, he pushed inside.

Her cunt was still pulsing as he pressed forward. She was so fucking tight. He didn’t want to hurt her, and took his time as he pushed all the way inside her. When there was more than half of his cock within her, he let go and took hold of her hands, pressing them either side of her head. The last few inches, he slammed inside her all in one thrust. She wrapped her legs around him.

He stared into her eyes, looking for any sign of discomfort, but she had taken all of him. And fuck, it felt so good. For several minutes, Elijah didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to fucking breathe, to stay within this moment, keeping it frozen for him to enjoy.

His cock had other ideas, as did his balls. Bare, deep inside this precious woman, he couldn’t wait. He had to have her, so he began to thrust slowly at first, or as slowly as he could manage, which was next to impossible. The feel of her tight warmth surrounding him was all too fucking good. He didn’t want to stop.

Thrusting hard and deep inside her, he fucked her, taking her to new heights and feeling the start of his orgasm building. He was like a horny teenager unable to control himself. He just couldn’t help it, Josie was a dream. The slow thrusts turned fast, hard, and he didn’t want to stop, driving harder and deeper inside her, filling her. He was so close to orgasm, and one look, and the feel of her thrusting up to meet him, set him off.

Elijah slammed to the hilt within her and came hard, filling her with his fertile cum. He should have worn a condom, he knew that, but the chance to be with Josie without anything between them was too damn good an opportunity to pass up.

She was everything he ever wanted.

He went a little dizzy from the orgasm. Collapsing against her, he kissed her lips, letting go of her hands, and when she held onto him, he knew he had finally found what he’d been looking for. But, how was he going to convince this woman to stay with him?

Chapter Five

Josie giggled as she rushed through the main house. She had already dropped the piece of laundry she’d been folding. Spinning around the living room, she looked at her chaser.

Elijah Snow stood, naked, proud, with his hard cock pointing forward. She was also naked, and never had she felt so free in her life, than right now. Her heart pounded, but the truth was, she wasn’t even making an effort to escape him. There was nowhere else she wanted to be. She wanted Elijah to capture her.

It had been three days since she’d come here, two days since they had sex, and she couldn’t recall a time she’d been happier.

“When I get you, Josie, I’m going to fuck you.” His voice was deep and rugged.

“You’ve got to capture me first.” She was desperate for him to do so. Licking her lips in anticipation of his next move, she didn’t have to wait long. Elijah went over the sofa, chasing after her. She released a squeal, badly attempting to get away, but it was done. Elijah captured her and pressed her over the sofa.

His hands were moving down the curve of her ass, spreading her ass cheeks before cupping her between the thighs. She closed her eyes and gasped at the instant hit of pleasure that rushed over her. He stroked her clit before moving up to plunge deep inside her cunt. He pushed in and out, then added a second finger. Josie pressed back against him, not wanting him to stop.

“I think it’s time for you to take my cock, don’t you?”


She needed his cock. She loved his fingers, but his cock was by far bigger, and she needed him.

He pulled his fingers out of her cunt and she didn’t have to wait long before he pressed his dick inside her. Inch by inch, he slid his cock within her, both of his hands going to her hips. She gripped the back of the sofa, trying to look for anything to hold onto as he fucked her.