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Elijah fucked her hard and deep, then pulled out, making her wait, slamming all the way inside her. “I love the feel of your pussy, Josie. It feels just right wrapped around my dick.”

She couldn’t agree more.

His hands moved from her hips, gliding up toward her tits, where he held them. He teased the nipples, pinching them until they got tighter, and then cupping them in his palm. All the time he didn’t stop, working his dick within her.

She was in Heaven.

Elijah caressed her back, returning one hand to her hip as the other went between her thighs. She closed her eyes as he touched her clit.

“I can feel how close you are. Do you want to come?” he asked.

“Yes, please, yes.”

“Then beg me, Josie. Beg me to make you come.”

“Please, Elijah, please let me come. I need it. I need you.” She couldn’t recall begging for this before.

He teased her clit and she felt her orgasm starting to build, driving higher and higher, but he was a master at keeping her from finding her release. She gasped, begging for more, and he gave her more. Fucking her harder than ever. With her bent over the sofa, the angle was so different, and it was like he was hitting a sensitive part of her that had never been touched.

“You have the perfect fucking pussy, Josie. Come for me.”

She did so, on his command, her body more than ready to be his willing slave. His name spilled from her lips, and Elijah hadn’t even finished. He held himself deep within her, not moving, waiting.

Her orgasm went on and on, until he finally released her clit. Josie didn’t think she could take anymore, and as he let her go, he surprised her even more. He gripped the cheeks of her ass and spread her wide.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Josie?” he asked.

His fingers were slick from her arousal as he slid them right across her anus. She had never been touched there before, and as he worked his finger through the crease of her ass, she was a little taken aback.

“N-no,” she said. No one had ever touched her there.

He pressed against her ass, and she frowned, totally aroused and a little nervous as she didn’t know if this was going to be a good thing or not. She didn’t tell him to stop, as she wasn’t sure if she wanted him to. It felt so good. Why would she want him to stop? Another moan as he didn’t give up, but pressed his finger forward.

He suddenly entered her ass.

She gasped.

“It’s okay, baby, tell me if you want me to stop,” he said.

“It feels … weird.”

He chuckled. “Of course it does.” His other hand stroked her ass. “But tell me if you don’t like it.”

She didn’t know how she felt. Her body was on fire. The need pulsed within her. There was no way she wanted to say no, as it felt so freaking good. He pushed more of his finger inside her ass, going in and out, working it hard and deep. When it came to a second finger, she honestly didn’t think it would fit, it was so tight.

Elijah knew what he wanted to do, and once he had worked up a pace of fucking her ass with his fingers, he went back to taking her pussy, and then she felt the pleasure all over her body. In her ass, her cunt, everywhere. He worked her close to another orgasm without even touching her.

Every sensation was heightened, and when she felt him thrust all the way inside her, and the pulse of his dick, she knew she wanted to feel him no matter what.


“They love the snow, don’t they?” Josie asked.

Elijah smiled. He should have totally left winning her over to his dogs. Buster and Trixie this morning had woken up with the desire to go for a walk. They were not taking no for an answer. He had no problem leaving Josie at home, but she had insisted on coming.

With how cold it was, he’d been sure to dress her appropriately. She wore a thermal vest, a long-sleeved shirt, and a short-sleeved shirt over the long one. Also, two sweaters and his coat. He’d also insisted on a pair of sweatpants, along with a pair of his jeans. He finished it off with a scarf, gloves, and a hat. She was bundled up well.

He’d also done the same. But he was able to bend and move while Josie could only seem to use her legs and head. He didn’t want her catching cold.