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He touches my hand on his face. “Really?”

I nod. “I want you to be my first.”

He disengages from me, and steps back, a concerned expression on his face. “Amy, this isn’t about sex. I’m ready to wait as long as needed.”

“I don’t want to wait anymore,” I say, emotion welling up inside. “I made that decision earlier. I want to give you every part of me, no questions asked.”

He holds my hands in his. “Are you sure?”

“More than anything,” I say, before leaning closer. Then, when my lips are within a breath of his, I whisper, “Let’s get out of here.”



We kissas we tumble into the bedroom, in a rush, our limbs brushing one another as we attempt to take each other’s clothes off.

I’m sure there’s a more finessed way to do this, but I don’t care… I’ve been waiting for him forever, even when I didn’t know there was a guy for me out there. A guy like him.

And now, that we’re finally together, I don’t want to waste another second.

“Grant…” I hiss out.

“Tell me what you want, Amy.”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Until my last breath, baby,” he says, then slams me against the wall and crushes his lips on mine in a kiss that puts my lungs to the test. His tongue swipes over mine, our teeth grazing, as he lowers his hands, kneading my ass with so much ownership I melt.

He drags his mouth down on me, nips my neck, then flips me around so I face the wall, and takes off my dress over my head.

I’m naked.

He kisses my bare shoulder, and the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up, tingles working their way to my core. My pussy is soaking wet.

“You have no idea how much I dreamed of slamming your virgin pussy,” he says, his voice so freaking deep I need a second or two to process his words.

I turn around, my eyes connecting with his. “Then what are you waiting for?”

A smug smile curls his lips.

He sweeps me off my feet, and carries me in his arms, shortening the gap to his bed. My heart is thrumming in my veins, my nipples so hard they ache. There is an animalistic energy brewing within me I can’t control…

When we fall onto the mattress, he embraces me, kissing me until my lips are swollen and tender. I roll on top of him, nipping his neck, and helping him out of his clothes. All the heavy make-out sessions we shared until now have made me more confident around him, less inhibited.

At last, he’s naked, laying on the bed, his cock hung and sprung.

“I’m having the best view,” I whisper.

“I disagree,” he says, then flips me on my back.

Excitement sears through me as he drags his mouth to my breasts, then picks a nipple between his teeth and lightly grazes it. I moan, a long-winded sound even I can barely recognize. It’s raw, loud, and perfect for the occasion.

He ventures lower on my body, giving open mouthed kisses and leaving a path of goosebumps behind.

I know what he’s about to do, my thighs trembling in anticipation. But I’m also desperate to have his cock inside me. “You don’t have to do that now,” I say, my voice shaky.

“I’m not eating you just for you. I’m eating you for me,” he says in a husky voice before he lowers his head in between my legs, and his words send me on a mini-spiral already.