Obsessed with My Assistant

Author: Cassie Cassell
Category: Erotic | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 15

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Obsessed with My Assistant

I’m ready to make the most of this experience in the big city.
But a crush on my boss is making my head spin.
He’s simply the hottest man I’ve ever met, but I can’t have him.
He’s older, more experienced. And little small-town me? I’m way out of his league.
When I have this crazy idea and ask for his help, I can’t believe he agrees.
I tell myself that spending time with him without handing him my V-card is a challenge I can handle.
But when we start to kiss… all bets are off.
This should be easy. Temporary assistant.
The rules are simple.
Four weeks.
Don’t make prolonged eye contact, don’t think about her in the shower.
And certainly don’t accept her dare to show her the wonders of naughty intimacy without going all the way. This is the one that’ll finish me off.

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