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He slams his cock inside me, and I’m taken aback by the girth, the size. I should be used to it, but it still mesmerizes me. He shoves all of it inside, stuffing his man meat in my mouth, and I can barely breathe. My throat muscles are working overtime, my mouth burning. But I love it.

“That’s right. This cock is now all yours. Take Daddy’s cock, my sexy girl.”

Jerking, he removes his cock, and within a couple of seconds, a generous stream of his hot load is sprayed all over my face. It feels warm and sticky. I’ve never had that done before, and I open my lips to catch some of it with my tongue. A sense of power goes through me. I taste him and want more.

“Maybe if you’re a good girl, I’ll have some more for you later. Do you have a vibrator?”

“First drawer,” I say, pointing at my nightstand. How many times have I used this device thinking it’d be him inside me? And now he’s here, in my home, in my room, and hopefully soon, in my pussy.

He picks up my pink friend and looks at it. It’s not big, but it vibrates in his hand. I use it to tease my clit and external lips. Of course he doesn’t need teaching—he quickly puts it in my pussy, and I gladly part my legs further for him.

He makes circular movements with it, its buzzing sound cutting the silence in the room. I feel pleasure start to prod me again, and he lifts the vibrator to his mouth and licks my juices. Air is sucked from my lungs for a moment.

I’m so wet and aroused, my vision is dotted.

Hunter flips me around, and I get on all fours, already knowing what’s to come. He massages my ass, then slowly moves to my hole. I want him so much. He begins sliding in my ass, and I moan. When he’s fully inside, we both groan in unison. Myself, for adjusting to him inside my tight channel, and him, for probably having to control every inch of his cock not to come too fast.

I reach in between my legs and flick my clit. The added sensory stimulation sends me one notch higher on my arousal-meter. Ripples of anticipation wash over me, sending my nerve endings into a short circuit. He clenches my sides, fingers biting into my skin—a warning that he’s already very, very close to coming apart.

“Oh, Daddy… yes… fuck me harder,” I whisper in between gasps of air, and violently work my clit. My core contracts, and my body stops for a moment, still, only to pump back into life a second later. I moan loudly, letting the waves of pleasure ride me. Sweat glistens my limbs, and I tremble, heart leaping to my throat.

He quickly pounds me faster, his thrusts carefree and downright violent, like he wants to reach a part of me no one has ever reached before. With a growl that reverberates through me, he comes inside me.

We both fall on the mattress, panting. I still feel like my heart is about to jump from my mouth. I bury my head on the pillow for a moment, wiping some of the cum from my face. Then, I wipe my hair from my eyes and glance at him.

Hunter strokes my cheek, with a tenderness that makes my heart stop. “So… will you be my girlfriend?”

I let out a long sigh of happiness. “Yes.”

There is no stopping us now.



“How bad do you want me?”Hunter asks, poking my ass with his cock.

“Bad,” I hiss, barely able to string words along. I try to move, but I only shake the handcuffs keeping me tied to his bed. Tendrils of lust swirl through me, and I moan. Cream drips from my thighs, sweat beading on my limbs. I’ve been on all fours for a while, with both hands handcuffed to the bed frame. He’s already eaten my pussy and my ass, and slathered lube in my hole. I’m eager for him to fill me up, to stuff his cock in my ass and end this agony.

“How bad?” He smacks my ass, and heat stings my cheeks.

He swaps me again, this time harder—and pain stings my skin, then a moment later, arousal increases a notch. Blood pounds through my veins, and my flesh feels extra sensitive and tender. When the AC kicks in cool air, it prickles me, giving me tingles.

“How bad?” he repeats.

“Really bad. Fuck me, Daddy,” I say. “Do your worst.”

He groans. “Where?”

“In my ass. Please.” I rock my hips into his hand, rolling them the way I know turns him on. He’s said so before, in the two months we’ve been together.

He puts the head of his cock at my entrance, and rubs the tip between my cheeks. At this stage, after a long foreplay, I’m ready. When he thrusts his cock in my ass, I clench for a moment, even if I want it there. Then, I tell myself to relax, coax myself to loosen my limbs, and my cheeks follow the command. We’ve done this several times, and he taught me how to enjoy it.

Then again, in the past months together, he’s taught me so many things…

He slams me inside, and I yelp. Pain strikes through me, reaching every cell in my body. Then, he waits until I acquiesce, and touches my ass, making circular movements on my flesh, and a strand of excitement travels through me, anticipation taking over discomfort.

He then lifts my ass just a notch, and his cock hits a deeper part of me. I moan, the sensation burning my skin, awakening all my senses. “You like this, don’t you, dirty girl?”

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