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“Yes,” I hiss.

“Yes what?” He swipes my ass, the smack stinging my ass but also adding to my arousal and to the pressure building in my core.

“Yes, Daddy.”

He increases the pace, and I move my fingers, rattling the handcuff to the bed post. I want to set myself free, to touch him, to kiss him… but I also enjoy being completely at his mercy. I give up any power to him, and while that’s scary, it’s also liberating. I trust him with my body. I trust him… with everything.

“Daddy’s girl likes to take it in the ass, doesn’t she?” he says, then groans, and I can feel the tension in his voice. He’s close, too.

“Only from you.”

“Right answer.” He slides his fingers to my pussy, and the moment he touches my clit, a small implosion ignites, and I give a long-winded moan. After so much stimulation, I’m physically spent, at the last end of my orgasmic journey, and can’t take it anymore. My legs shake, threatening to give out, and raw pleasure slices through me, sending tingles from top to bottom.

My vision is dotted, blurry.

He takes advantage of my disorientation and rams into me harder, deeper, until his scream slices the air and he empties himself inside me. When he reaches for the handcuffs to open them, his fingers tremble, and I smile to myself. That’s all I manage to do.

Free from the cuffs, I fall on the mattress, sweat making my skin cool and sticky. I don’t care. I’m exhausted, dirty, wet, and utterly satisfied. He lies next to me, ruffling my hair. If someone had told me I’d be dating a much older man a few months ago, I wouldn’t have believed them.

But my obsession with Hunter grew much like my passion for him.

Every other day after college, I come to his apartment, and he fucks my brains out. I don’t come every day because of his custody agreement with his ex—he wants to spend as much time with his children as possible, and I admire that about him. I love his kids.

I used to babysit them, but now I don’t see them anymore, not to confuse their little heads. Well, that’s what Hunter tells me anyway. I’m sure his ex, Susan, has stipulated some rules after they separated when she found out he was fucking me.

“How are you holding up?” he asks, and slides one finger down my back, caressing me softly.

“If you expect more backdoor activities tonight, you’re crazy,” I say.

He chuckles. “I’ve had more anal sex with you in the last two months than I had in years.”

“Me too,” I say. He knows he was the first guy to hit me in the back, as I told him so.

“I love being with you, Britney,” he whispers, and I turn around to face him.

A smile that sheds years off his face greets me. A powerful energy bounces between us, and suddenly it’s like we haven’t seen each other in years. I touch his cheek, and a touch of amusement hits his eyes.

Lust arrows down my sex, re-energizing my entire body. Even though certain parts of me still ache, there’s such a strong pull I’m not sure I can resist. My nipples get hard, and a fresh coat of arousal slicks my folds.

“You’re playing with fire, little girl,” he warns me, catching my hand with his mouth and nipping my index finger.

A shot of need flies up my arm, and I move even closer to him.

I lower my hand to his cock, and stroke it. It comes alive in my palm, the sensation of it growing hard and thick never losing its thrill. “Oh, Daddy… that’s a pretty big dick.”

“It’s for girls who can take it… like you.”

I cup his balls, and he hisses under his breath. He motions to come on top of me, but I outsmart him and go on top of him. Soon, I’m straddling him. My hot pussy rubbing against his washboard abs.

He bucks himself into me, and I feel his cock against my thighs. I dip down my head to kiss him, and his lips capture mine in a way that squeezes the breath out of my lungs. With intensity, he laps his tongue at me, nipping my lips, exploring my mouth like for the first time. I lean in and match his urgency, delving my tongue in his mouth, giving him all I have to give.

He takes advantage of my distraction, and flips me around so now I’m on my back. I gasp, then chuckle, but when he slams his cock inside me, I gasp again. Fuck. Doesn’t matter how many times we have sex, each time he thrusts into my pussy I need a second to adjust to his size. What a glorious ache it is—a throb that starts in my core and fast tracks everywhere else.

He holds my wrists and puts them over my hand with just one hand. Like this, I’m at his command.

I wrap my legs around him, welcoming him, and he nips my chin. I tingle all over, loosening under him, and he slides out and thrusts deeper into me. I moan, wanting to move, but he pins me on the spot with his wrist.

“You think you have control over me?” he groans. “You don’t. I have control over you.”

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