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“What the fuck are you doing here, Honey?” I am so fucking pissed that she was able to breach my home. My safe space.

“I’m home, baby. Stop messing around and get over and kiss me,” she cooks, and I want to puke. My lips will never touch another person again.

“How did you get in here and where my fiancée is?” I demand.

“That little mouse scurried away. She can’t do the things that I’d do for you,” Fuck, I’ll deal with that later. First, I’ve got to take out the trash.

“How did you get in here?” I ask again, my rage unleashed.

“Dylan let me in. Don’t be mad, baby,” she says coming closer to me. I step out of her way just before she touches me. I don’t fucking think so.

“DYLAN!” I shout and he comes skidding around the corner.


“Call the police, restrain her. Carefully.”

“Of course.”

“On second thought… CARLOS!”

“Sir?” The ex-Marine comes into the living room.

“Deal with this and fire Dylan. I want him gone.”

“Of course.” Carlos makes quick work of it. Once that’s done, I call Ben.

“What’s up, Pike?” Ben answers jovially. I hate to mess up his day, but he’s got to know.

“Your sister has essentially broken into my house. This has gone too far. You need to deal with her.”

“Why do I have to deal with it? She’s a grown woman whose messes I’ve been cleaning up since she was a toddler.”

“Because she’s your fucking sister.”


“I’ll also not be renewing my contract when it expires at the end of the season.”

“Now, don’t be hasty, Nick.”

“This isn’t a hasty decision. It’s been a long time coming my friend. You need to get your house in order.”

Everything happened in blur and yet my only thought was of Rose. I’ve probably called her 45 times since yesterday. It goes straight to voicemail. She ignores my texts after she sent me one that said she needed space. Space is the very last thing I want, but I give it to her. I’m going to use this time to clear my name and work out way to get my woman to come home, though the house in Hillsdale is out. I could never bring Rose back there now.

I had got Jaxson to expedite the amniocentesis test. Turns out that when you’ve been arrested for breaking and entering, the judge is more apt to order all kinds of things. Within forty-eight hours, I had the results in my hand and damn if I didn’t hear Maury Povich in my head as I read them.

NOT the father, just like I fucking said.

Now. I just have to get my woman back with a little help from Sassy, I know she’s still mine and I’m about to make her mine forever.



I have been on an emotional rollercoaster for the last five days. Not only have I been sick as hell, which literally feels like a punishment since the entire two days I was at Nick’s house, I didn’t vomit once until the day I left. It’s like this baby is telling me it prefers its father to me and truthfully, I do too.

I have not watched TV at all since I have been at Sassy’s rental, but my social media tells me everything I need to know anyway. I know he fired his guard that took the payoff to let Honey inside the compound.

I know he served her with a court order compelling her to have an amnio to prove paternity, but that is where I chickened out. I stopped all of my notifications after that tidbit came to me because I am a coward and afraid of the results.

Sassy has been a godsend. Nick has come here a dozen times trying to talk to me, but she has held steadfast and doesn't let him in. I finally had to block his number on my phone once the calls got to a hundred in one day. It was breaking me. The voicemails, tearful, and apologetic and so damn sweet. The text messages were not any better. I couldn’t take it.

My parents haven’t tried to reach out and you know what, I’m glad. I don’t need their negativity right now. I need to think. I need to make some tough decisions, some finite and some for a short while so I can work out the mess I have made of my life. That’s one thing my parents have correct. I have an amazing opportunity, and all of this is distracting. So to that end, I took a leave of absence from work. I was made aware it comes with a demotion, but I find I am ok with that.

I worked hard to get my Botany of Science Degree from the University. Hardly sleeping and never having a life. Once I got my job it was much the same. Working, sleeping barely and more work. That is why I took that extended vacation in the first place. I needed to feel like I had a life and balance. It was just for a moment and then it was going to be back to the grind.

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