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However, I have been avoiding the most basic acknowledgement of my life and the changes it has been going through. My baby. I came back, jumped right into my new role and even once I knew I was pregnant, I changed nothing. I believe that is part of why the sickness was so bad. When I got to Nick’s I rested. Like really rested and relaxed and just, enjoyed everything around me and I think in turn my body stopped fighting the changes.

So, this morning, I put in for my leave, took my demotion and I haven’t felt lighter, besides the rest of the mess. I don’t want my entire life to be work. I don’t want to miss important things in my baby's life like my parents did with me. They were never there for spelling bees, or plays, or field trips or parent-teacher night.

My parents didn’t come to participate in school functions or volunteer their time for fundraisers or anything they deemed frivolous and that wouldn’t enhance my college prospects. I was an afterthought to them when I was younger. I didn’t become relevant until I could contribute to their legacy of science and make a mark that would make them look good. That will not be me. This baby is going to be my priority, even if I am doing it alone.

So, I made an appointment for my first ultrasound, not having time before and seeing as how this is Sassy’s last day in Chicago, I asked her to come with me. “Are you ready to go?” she asks, walking in with a mug full of tea for me. Smiling, I take it from her and give her a hug.

“You are a great friend. You know that right?” She puts her hand on her hip and cock her head.

“You bet your preggo ass I am. All of you knocked up bitches better remember that. I just mailed off some care packages for the other three. I also sent one to Cheryl. She hasn’t said anything yet, but I know.” Laughing I shake my head and hug her once more. She is so feisty and sweet. Out of all of us she is the comeback queen. She is the fiercest of us all and the one who isn’t scared to say the truth. But lately, I have noticed something about her is different. She seems…I don’t know…less sure. Almost shy but only when she is around her boss. I asked her about it once and she fiend ignorance and brushed me off, but I can see through it. Something is there between them. I just don’t know how far it has gone.

In the Uber, my phone buzzes and she looks at me. “Don’t say it.” I say to her facing the outside.

“Are you going to ignore him forever?”

“Maybe.” I say shrugging my shoulders.

“He loves you, Rose. He can’t change who he was before he met you, but he is not that person now. Bolton even commented on how different he was once he came back from Cupids Cove. You changed him and his love for you has matured him.” Tears in my eyes, I turn to look at her as shadows of the Water Tower building fly past us.

“I am just scared, Sass. He is a famous athlete. I’m a nerdy scientist. What happens when the novelty of an ordinary girl wears off? There is always going to be another Honey waiting in the wings for the day he realizes we are so different.” That is the first time I have said my real fear out loud.

“Is that what you are worried about?” She asks, turning toward me. I nod instead of answering, scared the response will come out as a wail. “Listen, I work with athletes for a living, and I can tell you most of them when they are ready to settle down, they want someone who is not in the limelight. They want to have a normal life with a wife and kids, where they can be themselves. Trust me, that is what Nick wants with you.”

“How can you be so sure?” I pray more than anything it is true.

“Because it is, and you just have to trust me.” The car comes to a stop, and I look up to see we have arrived.

We walk in and something seems off. “Good morning Miss Gillium. Please check and make sure all of your information is correct.” Okay. This seems normal. I read over my chart, see all the information I forwarded them the other day is correct and nod my head.

“Yes. It is all correct.” I turn to ask Sassy if she notices anything weird, but she is on her phone probably doing something for work. Shrugging it off, I turn back to the nurse.

“We are all set. Your room is ready. Follow me.” That was fast. And wait, where are all the other patients?

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