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“What do you want from me, Nick?” I ask him. Looking at him which is a huge mistake. He smirks, knowing he has won a tiny victory and begins walking closer to me. On instinct I move back until my back hits the concrete wall.

“You, baby. I want you, petal. I want my sweet flower to look at me like she did for those two weeks I had her.” Sweet Jesus. Thank God I am off work and headed home because I would be walking around with wet panties all day. Closing my eyes, I find what little strength I have.

“Speaking of sweet, it seems Honey is more your flavor of choice nowadays.” I know by the growl from his lips I hit my mark. My inner Rose is dancing right now. Hell, I feel like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Bazinga! What? I love that show.

“No!” He shouts after me, catching up in two strides and grabbing my arm. “No. You don’t get to throw that in my face. You were ignoring me long before this happened. And furthermore she was before you. Before I had you under me, on top of me, surrounding me in your sweetness. Before I knew there was even a Rose out there that belonged to me. She was a fling, Petal. A nothing. Hell, less than nothing. I didn’t even come let alone enter her without a condom on. That baby is not mine, Rose. You have to believe me,” he says, nothing short of desperation in his voice.

His eyes are soft right now. Shrouded in compassion and a plea of understanding. The thing is, I do believe him. At least about the condom and the coming part. I am in this predicament because neither of us thought about protection and the one time I brought it up, after he had taken my v-card, he growled something about never needing it again and finished inside me, spreading his warm cream and planting the baby I am now carrying. It felt deliberate then and for a second, I welcomed it. Then I remembered who he really is. Case in point the situation he is in now. “Nick, I am exhausted, and I just want to go home.” He is still holding my hand, squeezing it in fact and I don’t want him to stop, which is why it has to. I try to extricate my hand from his, but he adds more pressure, his thumb rubbing against my pulse. My eyes trace the path his tongue takes as he licks his lips and I try to subtly adjust my legs so I can squeeze them together and relieve the pressure between them. “Please, Nick.” I plead, needing to be away from him before I do something stupid.

“You have to tell me you believe me, baby. Look me in the eyes and tell me you know this baby is not mine and that no other woman means anything to me, but you.” He pulls me further into his chest causing me to put my hand on him. I can lie to myself and say I am touching him to pushback and create distance, but it would be just that, a lie. I am touching him because there is this invisible rope that exists between him and I. Has been from the very first moment he kissed me.

“Even if I believe you, Nick. It changes nothing. We will never work. And she could still be carrying your baby. I want nothing to do with any of it.” That is the truth. I don’t need this. Especially since right now I really am carrying his baby.

His arm wraps around my waist, succeeding in anchoring me to him. I watch, rapt with anticipation because I know he is going to kiss me and I am pretty positive, I am not going to stop him. “If you want no part of it, then why aren’t you stopping me?” Because I am a weak ass who is in love with you. Is what inner Rose is saying rolling her eyes. I can’t care right now. When his mouth touches mine, I am gone. His tongue wets a path across my lips, and I moan, forgetting where we are. “Open your mouth, Petal and kiss me back.”

Damn his commanding tone and masculine wiles. My mouth opens and his tongue descends like a snake with his prey in his sights. We are standing in the middle of the street, mauling one another like untrained animals, but I have never felt more at home then right now in his arms. I hear nothing at first, just the silence and our wet mouths, reuniting, but then a throat clearing, and my name breaks through the fog.

“Rose?” Oh crap. I know that voice. Breaking apart from I turn, face red and flushed and try to put on a smile.

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