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“Sassy, hi. What are you doing here?” She places her hand on her hip and cocks her head.

“Well if you were answering your phone you would have known. I am here for work.” Then it clicks.

“Oh right. You work for the management firm that represents Nick.” Duh, Rose.

“Yes. Might I ask what is happening here?” She is messing with me now because all of the girls know what happened between us. They just don’t know I am pregnant yet. So I step back from him and straighten out my coat.

“Nothing. A momentary lapse in judgment.” More like an explosion of hormones.

“Great. Then you don’t mind if I steal you away from our star player and go have dinner together, huh?” This is the escape I need.

“No, not at all. My car is right over there.” I won't look at him again. It hurts too much.

“This is not over, Petal. Not by a long shot,” he calls after me.

He is not telling me anything I don’t know.



Ever thankful for my cop buddy, Officer Danny Parmentier, and his habit of bending the rules, I pull up to Rose’s apartment building and I fucking hate it. Hate it. Anyone could come in off the street without any hindrance. She’s not safe here and I know that I’ll never be able to sleep as long as she’s here, alone. There’s no doorman and you don’t need a key or to be buzzed upstairs. There’s no security cameras or guards either. My inner caveman has to get her out of here. I sit outside her apartment door, the only one on this floor with a welcome mat and wait for her to come home.

While I wait, I can’t help but wonder how my girl knows Sassy. She’s my agent’s accountant from Philly. It’s a small fucking world and getting smaller every day. I make the mistake of looking at my social media while I wait for her. I should have played Solitaire or some other equally mundane game. Instead, I find montage after montage of exes staring me in the face. I knew I was a player, but these numbers are fucking staggering. I never dated any of these girls and sure as shit didn’t fuck them all. A lot of it was staged by agents to make one or both of ours reps better. Seeing it in black and white like this makes me sick to my stomach. I was a fucking asshat. Since meeting Rose, my life’s focus has shifted until all I can see, all I can hear, all I can taste is her.

She’s the only woman I want to touch.

She’s the only woman I want to kiss.

She’s the only woman I want to fuck.

Hell. All I fucking care about is her.

“What are you doing here, Nick?” Rose asks as soon as steps off the elevator. Standing, I move out of her way, slightly so she can unlock her front door.

“I’m not done talking to you, Petal.” My hand reaches out for hers, but she pulls it away from me so fast. Fuck, this is going to be harder than I thought it would.

“Don’t call me that, Nick.” She unlocks her door and turns back around to face me. Her face is grim, not a fucking trace of that sunshine that was ever present during our time in Maine.

“You love it, Rose. Don’t deny it.” I move closer to her, leaning down, my mouth inches from her ear. “I still remember the look on your face the first time I called you that. I still remember what it felt like to slide into your virgin cunt and take the gift you gave me. You have no idea how many times I’ve stoked my fat cock to the thought of you and the filthy, depraved things you let me do your body. No idea.” She sucks in a breath, and I hear her repress a moan before she turns hard again.

“I’m surprised Honey couldn’t help you out with that raging cock of yours,” she bites, and I’ve had enough of this shit. I lean back and stare at her. I want her face to soften, and I need her to smile at me. My hand reaches out and wraps around her throat, pulling her even closer to me. That repressed moan from a moment ago escapes her pouty pink lips. Leaving my hand where it is, I run my thumb along her pulse point, feeling every beat of her thudding heart as we stare at each other. The thudding in my own chest matches hers.

“Cut that shit out. I’ve told you she was less than nothing. She isn’t the woman I want riding my cock. Invite me inside,” I say, using my free hand to open her front door.

“Are you a vampire or something? You need a formal invitation to come inside?” she asks.

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