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It’s what she wanted.

She should go home anyway. She felt sick to her stomach and might be coming down with something.


NO ONE COULD deny Jinx had an easily excitable dick.

It liked pussies, it liked mouths, it liked hands, and it liked to be busy as often as possible.

Most of the time, Jinx loved that his dick was ready to go anytime, day or night, but sometimes, it fucking sucked. Like tonight, Harper had gotten him so hard he forgot how damn skittish she was and pushed too hard, sending her running like a scared foal.

Months ago, he’d been horny and had gone against his better judgment and fucked Jess. She had a reputation as a stage-five clinger, which was why he’d steered clear of her for ages despite her aggressive campaign to fuck him. But a night of too many tequila shots spent watching all his coupled-up brothers drool over their women had him throwing an epic pity party. One that ended with Jess in his bed.

Ever since, she’d been angling for a repeat, one he was not interested in. Once was bad enough. Fuck her twice, and she’d start looking at engagement rings. Not to mention he’d developed a problem over the past few weeks where his idiotic dick didn’t want to play with anyone but Harper. And that was a huge problem because his prickly Harper didn’t appear to be morphing from a porcupine to a teddy bear any time soon.

“C’mon, Jess, this way. I got you an Uber. It’ll be here in six minutes.”

She giggled a high-pitched tipsy sound and stumbled into him. “Whoops.” There went her hands again, all the fuck over him.

He rolled his eyes as he steered her toward the back exit with an arm across her shoulders. “Try to stay on your feet, hon. You’ll be feeling it tomorrow if you roll an ankle in those monster heels.”

“Monster.” She giggled again. “Know what else is a monster?” She turned into him and tried to slide her arms around his neck, but he managed to slip from her grasp at the last second.

He snickered. Gotta love a loose-lipped drunk. “I do know. Been living with that guy my whole life.” What could he say? He’d been blessed with a big dick. Though now the damn thing seemed to be causing all sorts of trouble. “Right here. Through the door.”

He held the door for her, she took two steps and stumbled again. He caught her under her right arm while rolling his eyes. For fuck’s sake, why did he have to get stuck babysitting the sloppy drunk?

“We going to find a bed? I don’t need one. You could fuck me right here against this building.”

He wasn’t tempted in the least. “Sorry, hon, not tonight.” Or ever again. “You need to get home and sleep it off. I got you an Uber, remember?”

She pouted. “You’re no fun tonight. You were fun the last time we hung out. Remember?” Her unfocused eyes stared up at him. “I remember.”

“Yeah, well, you won’t remember a damn thing in the morning. Let’s walk.”

He took her arm and guided her to the front of the clubhouse just as a black Toyota Scion pulled up.

Thank fuck this chore was almost over. As soon as he got rid of Jess, he planned to grab a bottle of tequila and drink until he forgot how Harper felt, squirming all over his erection.

Maybe he’d swipe two bottles. Alcohol poisoning might be the only way to erase that memory.

“Here you go.” He pulled the door open and helped ease her onto the back seat.

She sat with her feet on the ground outside the car, staring up at him. Jess made one final attempt, spreading her legs and giving him a look that would have been sexier if she wasn’t drunk off her ass.

“Enough, Jess,” he said. “Not happening tonight.” Or any night, but he’d spare her that indignity. “Get your feet in the car.”

“You know what? Fuck you, Jinx! You wouldn’t know good pussy if it sat on your face.” She jerked her feet in the car so hard she toppled down on the seat.

“Charming,” he muttered.

“She’s not gonna puke, is she?” the driver asked.

“Nope.” He slammed the door. At least, he hoped not. She was still ranting while he gave the poor Uber driver a cheerful wave. The frowning driver did not seem thrilled with his passenger.

“How much you wanna bet she ends up fucking him?”

Jinx turned to find Spec standing behind him with a joint at his lips.

“The driver?” He snorted. “Think he’ll send me a thank you note?”

Spec chuckled and held out his bud.

“Thanks.” Jinx took a hit and then passed the weed back to his brother. “You seen Lock at all? Been wondering if he made it tonight.”

“Nope. Don’t think he’s here.”