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“Fuck.” Jinx rubbed his chin. “Was planning on drinking myself into oblivion, but maybe I should go check on him.”

“Got a third option for you.” Smoke billowed between them as Spec passed the joint again.

“Yeah? What’s that?” Jinx inhaled before handing it over again.

“I asked Pulse to check on Lock since he lives closest, and you head on over to the apartments.”

Frowning, he stared at his brother. “How much of this shit have you smoked tonight? Why the fuck would I go to the apartment when I have a perfectly good house?”

Spec smirked. “Because I have it on good authority a certain thorny little hottie is crashing there tonight so she doesn’t have to drive home.”

His gaze automatically zeroed in on the apartment building, where a lone light shined from the window of an unused studio.

What was Harper doing? Had she fallen asleep? Was she lying on the couch, watching television?

Was she lonely?

How would she react if he paid her a surprise visit?

Probably not well.

“She turned me down, brother.”

Spec lowered the joint from his lips. “That may be, but you didn’t see her face when you walked off with Jess. Harper one hundred percent thought you were off to fuck some other woman, and she did not like it.”

He perked up. “Really?”

“No lies, man. I worried for a moment that she was going to go all cat-fight on Jess, but your girl’s too controlled for that shit. She just put on that everything’s-fine bullshit mask she always wears.” Spec chuckled. “Tell you what, it’s gonna be epic when she finally lets her wild out of its cage. Question is, you smart enough to be there when it happens, or you gonna let some other fool reap those rewards?”

Displeasure at that idea rumbled in his chest.

Spec clapped him on the back. “Have a good night, brother.” He snuffed out the stub, then made his way inside.

Once again, Jinx allowed his gaze to drift toward the apartments.

Was he going to do this?

“Fuck it,” he whispered. If Harper tossed him out on his ass, at least he’d know for sure. Then he could stop obsessing over a woman who didn’t want him and find one who did.

He jogged a hundred feet from the clubhouse to the renovated barn. Curly had it turned into four studio apartments for visitors, prospects, or members needing a place for a while.

Or, apparently, beautiful women who didn’t want to drive home after parties.

As he bounded up the stairs to the second level, his dick stiffened to the point of agony. If Harper slammed the door in his face, he might have to jack himself off right in front of her door to avoid suffering a world-record case of blue balls. Unfortunately, chances were high that was exactly what would happen.

When he reached the door corresponding with the light he’d seen, he pounded like a SWAT team, ready to bust the thing in.

“Coming.” Harper’s frantic response had him trying to calm his shit, but, fuck, he wanted her so badly he could hardly think. The sound of her soft footsteps hurrying toward the door had him smiling.

He heard her disengaging the locks, but then she called out, “Uh… who is it?”

Smart girl.

“It’s Jinx.” Christ, he sounded strained, like he was holding back from kicking the door in and taking her right there.

Which he pretty much was.

“Jinx?” The locks clicked, and she yanked the door open. “Is everything okay?”

One look at her had him swallowing his fucking tongue.

She stood there with a frown on those pretty lips and a wrinkle at the top of her nose. Her feet were bare, with pale-pink toenail polish. Never had he given a shit about a woman’s feet, but he had the urge to run his tongue up an arch to watch her squirm.

“Jinx?” she said again. “Why are you here? Is everything okay?”

“What the fuck are you wearing?” he croaked as he found his gravel-ridden voice.

Her cheeks turned pink as she glanced down at herself. “Oh, shit. Sorry, I was hot, and I wasn’t expecting anyone.” She folded her arms across her chest to cover the prominent nipples beneath the flimsy camisole that had been designed with the sole purpose of torturing slobbering men like him. It showed her cleavage, a strip of her stomach, and had straps so thin he could rip them off with one.

“Don’t,” he barked, making her freeze.

“Wh-what?” Her eyes widened, but she let her arms fall to her sides. Along with the sinful top, she wore matching baby-blue shorts that he’d kill to see from behind. “What are you doing here, Jinx?” she whispered.

“I’m here because you got my dick so damn hard, I can’t think of anything else but getting my hands on you.” She gaped but didn’t slam the door or tell him to get the hell out. He took a step into the doorway. “I’m here because I want to taste you.” He walked closer.