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Next time.

They were racking up quite a list for their repeat performance, something he didn’t ordinarily do, but no way in hell would he miss out on all the things he wanted to do to her.

And have her do to him.

“Feels so good,” Harper whispered, and he swore he saw a tear leak from the corner of her eye. He’d never call her on it, though. It’d send her right back into her shell like a frightened turtle.

“Fuck yeah, it does. You like being stuffed full of cock, huh? Better than you remember?”

Her eyes remained closed, but she smiled. “A million times better.” When she opened her eyes, they were shiny with unshed tears. “And I like being full of your cock.”

He grunted. What man didn’t like hearing his dick ruled them all?

“Fuck me, Jinx. Make everything else go away and just fuck me.”

“Anytime, baby. Any-fucking-time.”

The talking gave him a second to get himself under control, and he was ready to send her to the stratosphere.

He hiked her leg up to his shoulder, then leaned forward and gave her a searing kiss. Thank Christ, the woman had some flexibility to her. As they made out, he rolled his lips, dragging his cock through her pussy and pushing deep once again.

Harper moaned into his mouth. Her arms came around him, and the second he felt the prick of her fingernails on his shoulders, he lost his mind.

He planted one hand near her head and grabbed her ass with the other, using it to control the speed of her hips.

She cried out as she moved her hips to his rhythm. He pounded into her the way he’d fantasized about since the day they met. Her pussy gripped him so tight he had to fight off the urge to come the entire time. This couldn’t just be good for her. it had to be out of this world. He wanted her to come back for more, and it’d take getting her addicted to his cock to make that happen.

This version of Harper blew away anything he’d imagined. She wasn’t quiet, timid, or holding back. Her cries and moans drove him insane with need while sweat broke out across his back.

He wanted more. He wanted to see more of her and watch her take every ounce of pleasure he had to offer. He released her leg and flipped them in a move that had her yelping in surprise.

Harper wobbled, then planted her hands on his chest for support. Her hair was wild, a well-fucked mess. Her tits—God, those tits—were wet from his mouth. Each had a pink mark from the abrasive rub of his beard.

In this position, she was fully on display. He could watch every movement and every emotion playing across her features, and he fucking loved it.

But she knew it and wasn’t confident.


“Just move, baby. Move that gorgeous body any way that feels good.”

She did, slowly at first, but within seconds, she was riding him like a rodeo buckle was in her sights. Her nails raked down his chest as she threw her head back and worked her hips on his cock.

He loved that feeling—the painful scratch. Fuck, he hoped he’d be gouged to shit in the morning.

“Jinx,” she said on a moan.

He didn’t need more. It was an unspoken plea for help, and he’d make sure she had the climax of her life. Jinx filled his hands with her lush, muscular body and helped rock her over him.

She gasped, then yelled, “Yes, yes, Jinx.”

He tried to think of anything to keep himself from coming first—inventory at the tire store, taking a punch to the face, and even crashing his damn bike—but nothing worked. All he could see was the beauty using his body to find pleasure for the first time in ages, and it was the sexiest sight he’d ever seen. Combined with the hot squeeze of her pussy, he was using every ounce of strength to keep from blowing.

“Kiss me,” she yelled as she threw herself forward onto him. The second before their lips met, she whispered, “I’m gonna come.”

Their mouths met in a kiss so unrestrained it bordered on violence. Harper shuddered and writhed in his arms as she came, and he fucking loved how she wanted the connection of a kiss during that time.

Her pussy squeezed him so hard his eyes crossed. Before she’d even stopped trembling, he flipped them again. Three hard thrusts were all it took to have him explode into the condom. He shouted his release and buried his face in her neck.

It was more powerful than any orgasm he’d had in a long time.

He dwarfed her with his large body. Beneath him, little tremors ran through her every few seconds. They lay quiet, catching their breath, until he felt her slowly begin to stiffen. The reality was setting in, and he wasn’t ready.

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