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Oh fuck.

She did as he asked, widening her thighs to fit his bulk.

He groaned, long, loud, and hot as hell. “Goddamn, you’ve soaked through these tiny shorts.”

When she was younger and slept with Aaron, he sure as hell hadn’t stared at the wet spot on her shorts. He’d been an over-eager twenty-year-old hurrying to get to the O.

Jinx was all man and too far gone to care.

“Next time, I get to taste this pussy.”

She flushed with heat.


That sound.

“Jinx,” she whispered.

“I know. It’s coming. Lift that ass for me.”

She did, and he slid the sleep shorts down. She hadn’t bothered with underwear, not wanting to sleep in the thong she’d worn to the party.

Sitting back on his heels, he pulled the shorts off as she raised one leg at a time. Before she could lower her leg, he kissed her ankle. The move was so tender it sent a tremor through her heart.

Though tender wasn’t on the menu, it couldn’t be.

She tried to work some of her mask in place again, broken though it was. She could give him her body to scratch this seven-year itch, but that was all she had to offer.

So when he lifted her shorts to his nose and inhaled the scent of her arousal, it ripped a gasp from her. Then she focused on the raunchy act instead of the sweet one.

She had to protect herself, no matter how much she yearned to throw caution to the wind. That road led to heartbreak, pain, and seven years behind bars.


HER SCENT MADE him dizzy. It was a potent drug he wanted to get high on day after day. Fuck, he might just walk out with those shorts and sleep with them under his pillow.

She was fire beneath him, trying so hard to hide while also getting the pleasure she needed and deserved. Christ, if ever a woman needed dick, it was this one.

And he was there to give it to her.

With a mental note to search for them later, he tossed the shorts over his shoulder. Thank fuck he was a hopeful fucker and had stuck a condom in his back pocket before the party. He fished it out, making a point to show Harper he’d never leave her unprotected.

Her eyes flared.

Yeah, she was so far gone she hadn’t given the thing a thought.

“I got you,” he whispered.

She nodded and mouthed. “Thank you.”

His hands went to the button on his jeans. “Ready to have your mind blown?”

An eager smile curled her lips. “Hell yeah.”

She stared as he worked the zipper down, then coasted the jeans and his black briefs over his hips. His hard cock sprang free of its denim cage, and he nearly said of prayer of thanks. He shoved the jeans to his ankles, then straightened back up, spreading his arms so she could look her fill.

Harper propped herself up on her elbows. “God, Jinx, you’re…” She shook her head.

“Thank you, baby.” He ripped the condom open and dropped the wrapper on the bed before rolling it down his cock.

Harper’s eyes followed every move, and he loved it. There was something extra erotic about reintroducing her to fucking after so many years. After he had the condom in place, he fisted his shaft and gave a few strokes. He groaned when she licked her lips in an unconscious expression of want. “Damn, woman, you wanna get that mouth on me sometime?”

She nodded. “I really do.”

“It’s a date,” he said with a wink.

Something flashed in her eyes, something he knew would be a denial or rejection. It was time to distract his prickly little cactus from her negative thoughts. With a wicked smile, he hooked his right arm under her leg and proceeded to lick the inside of her knee.

When she squealed, he took advantage of her momentary distraction to yank her ass up onto his thighs. There she was, all wet and slippery, inches from his cock. He took himself in hand and rubbed the tip of his dick against her opening.

Harper gasped and bit her lower lip. Her eyes were hooded with desire, and those delicious tits rose and fell with the force of her breath. She gave him a single nod, and he pressed forward. The instant she sucked him inside, he gritted his teeth. It was by far the hottest, tightest pussy he’d ever been in.

“Fuck,” he said on an exhale. If Harper hadn’t told him otherwise, he’d bet his damn bike she was a virgin.

“Oh my God,” she whispered. Her eyes slammed shut as he slid himself all the way in with agonizing slowness.

As soon as he bottomed out, he stopped moving. Christ, she was so goddamn tight that he might blow from two fucking pumps. His balls ached with the need for release and tingled like it wasn’t far away. He’d love to slam into her but didn’t want to embarrass the fuck out of himself. He also didn’t want to hurt her.