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The woman liked it rough.

She fucking owned him at this point.

She did the tongue thing again, and he gave another hard yank on her hair. This time, when she hummed her enjoyment, she lifted her gaze to his. The sight of her, lips stretched and shiny, eyes glassy, face flushed, and mouth stuffed full of his big cock, did him in.

“Oh, fuck, coming,” he shouted, but it was barely the warning he’d intended to give her. Forceful spurts of jizz shot from his dick into her mouth, where she gulped every drop with rapid swallows.

He hoped to hell he wasn’t hurting her, but he’d lost control of his muscles. They clenched and relaxed of their own volition as he unloaded down her throat.

Eventually, he realized he was still holding her hair, so he forced his fingers to relax. She lowered to her heels, which had his soft cock slipping from her lips. Even as drained as his nuts were, his cock tried to rally when she wiped the back of her hand across her swollen lips.

“Christ, you give good head, Prickles,” he said as he ran a hand through his hair. “I’m fucking weak now.”

A shy smile tilted her lips.

He helped her to her feet, though he might have been even more unsteady than she was.

“Come in so I can repay the favor at least twice.”

Before she could answer, his phone rang.

“Well, fuck me sideways. Let me get rid of whoever this is.” He checked the screen and then frowned. Lock. Fuck. “Hey, brother, what’s up?”

“Jinx, you busy, man?”

Was he busy? Fuck yeah, he was busy. He had some pussy to eat. But he was the type never to turn down a brother in need. “What do you need?”

“I got an emergency call. Chick locked herself out of her apartment and can’t get ahold of her super.”

Harper watched him with a worried gaze. To ease her mind, he kissed her forehead before hugging her to him. “Thought you stopped doing night calls when you got custody of Caleb.”

“I did, but this is a friend of Deanna’s.” Lock’s sister. “I had a helluva time getting Caleb to sleep tonight, so I hate to wake him and drag his ass out. Just need someone to be here while I’m out.”

He bit off a groan. There went his plans to make Harper come over and over again.

“Of course. Be there in ten minutes.”


He grunted a goodbye, disconnected the call, and stared at the ceiling. “Fuck, I’m sorry, babe. Lock needs help.”

“I heard him,” she said with a sweet smile.

“You wanna stay here? You can catch some sleep in my bed.”

“What if I come with you?”

He raised an eyebrow. “You don’t wanna do that. Lock’s life is a fucking mess, and so is his house. Stay here and watch Netflix. Relax. My brother’s problem is not your responsibility.”

She bit her lower lip. The gears in her head cranked so loudly he could practically hear them. “What if I, uh… what if I said I wanted to come with you?” Her gaze shifted to the garage floor when she toed an invisible crack. “That I’d rather come with you,” she mumbled.

Because she wanted to be with him or because she felt uncomfortable staying in his home alone?

Even though he was dying to know the answer, the question wouldn’t pass his lips. One of those options lit him up, energized him, and made him feel like he stood at the top of a mountain. One of those options would put the same goofy grin on his face he saw on his brothers’ faces when they looked at their ol’ ladies.

And that was plain ridiculous. Jinx didn’t do smitten, and that’s what his brothers were. Smitten, whipped, locked down. Pick an answer. They were all the same.

It was D, none of the above for Jinx, and that’s how it’d stay.

Regardless of her reasoning, he liked the idea of her joining him for another ride. Of her hanging with him while he helped a brother. He straight-up liked being with her, no matter the task.

“All right. Let’s do it.” He clamped down on his lower lip to keep that damn smile from forming.


THE RIDE TO Lock’s house allowed Harper to bury her face against Jinx’s broad back and relive the last hour. A huge part of her wanted to blame her actions on the alcohol, but without it, she’d have never ordered Jinx to lose his pants, drop to her knees, and fall on his cock like it’d sustain her more than water.

But it’d be a whopper of a lie.

She’d imagined that very scenario for days. In the dark of night, in the privacy of her apartment, in the safe cocoon of her bed, she’d let her hands drift down her body, touching herself while she imagined having Jinx in every way she could dream up. Her experience with men might be lacking, but that didn’t mean she was ignorant to the idea of every sex act out there. Prison gave her an education she’d never have gotten otherwise. Not a practical education, but she’s heard everything there was to hear and then some.