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For two years, she’d had a sex worker as a cellmate. The woman hadn’t been arrested for her craft but for poisoning a john who’d had trouble respecting her limited but firm boundaries. The stories that woman told had opened Harper’s eyes to a myriad of filthy delights. And her cellmate had only been one of many women she’d met with wild tales.

Nothing shocked Harper anymore, and instead of that shock turning to distaste, a great many stories intrigued her more than she’d admit out loud. So, while her experience was limited, her imagination was vast. And Jinx played the starring role in all her fantasies.

The act of dropping to her knees and swallowing his cock didn’t have her head mixed up, but the implications sure as hell did. As did her offer to join him on a favor for his brother. What the hell had she been thinking? Sex again was one thing. At least she could rationalize that away with physical needs and wanting to show appreciation for the eye-opening ride along the coast, but offering to spend platonic time with him?

That was stupid.

That was dangerous.

That was relationshipy.

After tonight, she needed to get her head on straight and take a step back. If they kept this up, she would end up handing too much of herself over to the man and think he could be trusted as she had believed Aaron could. And then she’d end up hurt, broken, or, worst-case scenario, blamed for a crime she had nothing to do with.

Jinx navigated a handful of back roads to get to Lock’s, which wasn’t nearly as fun as riding along the beautiful beach, but it still beat being trapped in a car. Maybe she should learn to ride a motorcycle and get one for herself. Then she could experience incredible freedom whenever she wanted. Though she had a sneaking suspicion that half of her enjoyment came from clinging to a specific man.

The man she’d been hot for since the second he walked into the bar.

Damn Lock and his interrupting phone call. She’d been in for an epic experience, and she knew it.

Maybe Lock calling had been for the best. It gave her some space before she sank even deeper.

A few moments later, Jinx rolled to a stop in front of a small house on a quiet street. He cursed as he killed the engine.

“This is probably a dumb question, but are you sure this is his house? It doesn’t look like anyone lives here.” Unkempt grass and a few weeks’ worth of overflowing trashcans made the house appear abandoned.

“This is it. I don’t know what the fuck’s going on with him, but I’ll get a company out here to take care of the yard tomorrow.”

Well, that was sweet.

“Fair warning, the inside’s probably worse.”

She wrinkled her nose, which drew a chuckle from him.

“All right, let’s do this.” As though it was the most natural thing in the world and they’d been doing it forever, Jinx slid his palm against hers.

A shiver ran up her arm, and her stomach flipped. Why did the simple act of holding someone’s hand mess with her head more than having his cock in her mouth?

She had problems.

When they reached the door, he frowned. “Will the doorbell wake the baby?”

She shrugged. “I have no idea. Not exactly swimming in baby experience over here. Maybe knock lightly, just in case.”

“Good thinking.” He did just that, rapping his knuckles against the door with a light touch. It flew open almost before he got a second knock in.

“Hey, thanks,” the man who must be Lock said.

The poor guy appeared exhausted, stressed, and frazzled. His shaggy hair needed a good cut, or hell, even a brush. He wore a rumpled Harley T-shirt and jeans with his MC cut and boots, much like the rest of the club. Nothing surprising there, but his eyes were bloodshot, and he moved with a jerky impatience as he grabbed his keys and wallet off a small table.

His gaze landed on her. “Who are you?” The smirk didn’t do anything to lessen the appearance of exhaustion. The dark circles and red eyes remained. Before she could answer, he shifted his attention to Jinx. “Pretty piece you got here. Let me know if she’s worth it when you’re done. Might take a crack at her.”

He winked, and she sputtered. The dress she’d felt so sexy in all night now felt too revealing, and she wished she’d had sweats to change into.

“Hey,” Jinx said with a growl. “Watch your fucking mouth, asshole. This is Harper. She works at the She Shed with the girls. Show some fucking respect.”

Lock shrugged, clearly unbothered by the scolding. “I might be a few hours. I’ll text.”

He didn’t move to let them enter, instead pushing straight through them, forcing Jinx to release her hand. He caught his brother’s arm as he passed.

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