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“Hey, the fuck’s up with you? You on something?”

“What? No, fuck off.” Lock tried to yank his arm from Jinx’s hold, but it didn’t budge.

“You got a fucking kid in there, brother. Don’t be stupid.” This time, when Lock jerked his arm, Jinx let it go.

The disheveled man got in Jinx’s face even though Jinx had a few inches on him. “I know I got a fucking kid. I’m the one who spent two hours rocking him while he screamed so he’d finally fall the fuck asleep.” He turned and marched down the walkway to his bike in the driveway. “Better hope he stays asleep so you don’t have to deal with that shit.”

He revved his engine a few times, making Harper wince. Such a loud racket for the time of night and silent neighborhood.

“Fuck, this is not good.” Jinx ran a hand down his face. “That fucker better not wreck his bike out there tonight. I’m pretty sure he took something.”

Harper watched the headlight disappear with worry in her gut. From what she’d been told, Lock had been through the wringer lately. The sudden death of a twin sister and becoming guardian to their baby in the NICU would throw anyone for a loop. “I think he needs some professional help.”

“Yeah, you and the whole club think that, but Lock isn’t receptive. Maybe I can get Curly to convince him.”

“Hmm…” Maybe she’d give it a try herself, one damaged person to another.

A loud wail came from inside the house. “Damn him,” Jinx muttered. “Just had to rev the fucking pipes. C’mon, I’ll grab a bottle and see if I can settle Caleb back down.”

She followed Jinx into the foyer, coming up short at the sight of the disaster before her.

“Christ, it’s worse than last time.” Jinx shook his head. “He’s gotta get his fucking act together. There’s a couch through there,” he said, pointing to the room on the left. “Hopefully, you can find it in all this mess. I’m gonna fix up a bottle for Caleb. Be back in a bit.”

He disappeared down the hallway toward what she assumed was a kitchen while the baby’s angry screams grew in intensity. Harper made her way into the living room, having to step over pizza boxes, beer cans, empty liquor bottles, and clothes.

With a sigh, she planted her hand on her hips and assessed the mess around her. Lock needed help, and the least she could do was make herself useful while there and do a little cleaning. A moment later, the crying stopped. The little guy must have been happy to have the bottle.

Harper followed the hallway Jinx had taken until she found the kitchen, which was even more disgusting than the living room. Thankfully, Lock had a full stock of unopened cleaning supplies under the sink, even rubber gloves, probably purchased by Brooke at some point.

She’d love to kick off her heels, but who knew what she’d step on, so she left the uncomfortable things on. Then she gloved up, grabbed some rags and cleaner, took out an unopened box of garbage bags, then set to work. Once she had the full sink of dishes cleaned and the trash off the countertops, it looked like a space someone could cook in. After she gave the table and counters a good scrub, they not only looked better but smelled fresh and sanitized.

Lock would have to take care of the floor himself or hire someone since she didn’t see a mop. In the zone, she made her way down the hallway, collecting trash as she went. Next was the living room. She started with the couch, gathering up the takeout containers and beer cans until a baggie with a white substance caught her attention. Her stomach bottomed out.


Jinx had wondered if Lock was using anything, and there was the proof. This would crush him, but no way could she hide it. Lock lived alone with a baby. His downward spiral included drugs, and it seemed the club had to know. With a sigh, she set the baggie on the couch and resumed cleaning.

Before she knew it, an hour and a half had passed in the blink of an eye, and the house looked livable.

“Where the hell is Jinx?” she muttered as she wandered down the hall. An open door with dim glowing blue light caught her attention. As she stopped in the doorway, her breath caught.

Was there anything more precious than the sight of a big man with a tiny baby?

No. She could officially verify that it was the most adorable scene in the entire world.

Jinx sat in a rocking chair with his head resting back, eyes closed. His chest rose and fell in the telltale pattern of sleeping, and on that impressive chest slept Caleb. His chubby little cheek rested against Jinx, and his lips made the most precious pout. She pulled her phone out, needing to capture the sweet moment. If the world ever had a negative population crisis, all they’d need to do was show this picture to the remaining women, and they’d be lining up to get pregnant. She pressed a hand over her lower stomach as though she could shield her ovaries from the hormonal surge.

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