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“That’s it. Fuck yes, you look good up there.” His big hands went to her hips, warm and possessive.

She shoved away the last of the apprehension and grinned down at him. A sense of power washed over her. Jinx was big, strong, commanding, and a force to be reckoned with.

And he wanted her.

Only her.

And now he was spread out beneath her for her to do with as she pleased. What a tempting offering. She ran her hands over his rippled abs, tracing his ink and muscles. Jinx sucked in a breath, and his stomach quivered beneath her touch.

She thumbed his nipples, drawing a hiss, then sank her fingernails into his hard pecs.

She got drunk on the thrill of pulling such visceral reactions out of him.

“Jesus, Harper, I can’t fucking take it. Get on my dick before I die.” The hard set of his jaw and the darkening of his eyes was positively feral. He gripped her hips so hard there’d be bruises along with the hickeys he’d left.

She’d be a mess later, and she loved it.

Jinx shoved a hand under his pillow. When it reappeared, it was to toss a condom her way.

She arched an eyebrow his way. Always prepared or basic fuckboy behavior?

“Don’t look at me like that. I stuck that there last night in a fit of hope that I could convince you to come back here again.”

Every word from his mouth rang so true she didn’t even question it.

God, she really was growing to trust him.

With unsteady hands, she tore the condom wrapper open and pulled out the latex ring. As long as she didn’t fumble too badly, she could keep him from noticing that she’d never done this part before.

The second she touched his dick, he bit out a savage curse. Instead of pulling back, Harper kept going. She’d never grow tired of seeing him lose his mind over her.

“Christ,” he muttered as she unrolled the condom down his length. His hands fisted the simple blue comforter, and sweat poured off him. Once done, Harper danced her fingers along the length of his cock. “Fucking kill me now. Please, woman, put me out of my goddamn misery.”

She rose on her knees and scooted up his body until she was positioned over his cock. Jinx pushed onto his elbows, and his gaze went straight between her legs to where she wrapped a hand around him and began to lower it.

“Sexiest fucking thing,” he whispered. The deep gravel to his voice made her shiver.

She sank down on him slowly, taking in each delicious inch. He stretched her and had her eyes wanting to float closed so she could only focus on the soul-changing sensation, but she didn’t dare miss a second of the way he watched her body accept him.

“You feel so good.” Her throat thickened. “I’ve never felt anything so good. I don’t ever want it to end.”

When she could lower no further, they both sighed. Their gazes met, and Harper’s heart exploded at what she saw in his eyes. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear he loved her. But it’d been too soon. And she was too messed up.

Maybe someday.

But not yet. Certainly not yet. And that feeling in Harper’s chest wasn’t love either.

It wasn’t possible.

“Fuck, you feel good, too, baby. Tightest, hottest pussy imaginable.”

Not words of love. Words of desire.


She was quickly learning she excelled at fulfilling his desires and fled from the notion of love.

“I need to move.” Now she understood why he’d called it riding him because it’s exactly what she wanted to do—plant her hands on his chest and ride him to the stratosphere.

“Let me help with that.” He lifted his hips off the bed, thrusting up into her.

The sharp thrust pushed his cock deeper than it had ever been, and Harper swore her head popped off her shoulders. She did exactly as she’d imagined and slapped her hands onto his chest to keep from flying off.

Jinx wasn’t a passive partner. He didn’t lie there and watch her move above him but used his hands to help her ride while thrusting his hips up and down. Gone was the playful pace they’d started with. Now, they grunted and fucked like two animals becoming one.

Every time she slammed down on him, a sharp zing of pleasure shot from her pussy through the rest of her body. She never wanted the physical pleasure and squishy feeling in her heart she was afraid to analyze to end.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Jinx powered up into her over and over. “Wanna see you come apart. Work your tits for me.”

A shiver ripped through her at his raunchy command. She did as asked, pinching her nipples and rolling them between her fingers. The added sensation was almost too much to endure. Her head fell back, and her eyes closed.